QR-CERT. Free PKI Certificate Authority v.5.0.0


The QR-CERT is a solution both for the companies which plan to build their own PKI infrastructure and entities planning to provide services in this respect. This software enables the implementation of advanced security mechanisms, such as: secure e-mail, electronic signature (PKCS#7), network transmission protection (IPSEC, SSL) and strong authentication for service portals (HTTPS) or strong authentication of users for the Windows ActiveDirectory domain.

1.Completely free in Standard version
2.Ready to use appliance (virtual machine) allows you to test all the functionalities offered by the QR-CERT: http://www.malkom.pl/download/
3.Graphical user interface in English & Polish
4.Detailed online user documentation in English & Polish: http://docs.malkom.pl
5.Three-layered system architecture: database engine, server & client
6.Generating certificates compatible with the X.509 and CVC standards
7.Verification of certificate status (OCSP, CRL)
8.Available functional modules: PKI&CMS CORE, LOG, PUBLISHER, OCSP, TSP, SCEP, CMP, PORTAL, WebServices, API
9.Support for database engines: PostgreSQL 9.x, ORACLE 11g, IBM DB2
10.Support for QR-CERT server components for the following operating systems: Linux and Windows Server 2008/2012
11.Support for the QR-CERT application client for operating system within the MS Windows.
12.Compatibility with cards of various manufacturers, based on interfaces compatible with PKCS#11 v2.01 and Microsoft CSP
13.Supported hardware cryptographic modules: PKCS#11 generic, THALES (nCipher) nShield, UTIMACO CryptoServer PCI/LAN
14.Support for automatic cards personalization devices: EVOLIS printers, HDP5000 printer by HID/FARGO
15.Support for microprocessor card readers in the PC/SC standard
16Support for the cryptographic cards for system operators with the PKCS#11 interface
17.And many, many more. All features list are available on the home page: http://docs.malkom.pl/pages/viewpage.actionnull=1573149

PKI & Card Management System to issue and man. PKI & Card Management System to issue and manage tokens & certificates allows you to issue your own free SSL certificate, digital signature and encryption certificate.

enterprise pki, certificate authority, x 509, ssl, cvc, certificate management, smartcard

  • QR-CERT. Free PKI Certificate Authority
  • 5.0.0
  • Malkm
  • Linux, Windows
  • Freeware
  • 19.53 Mb
  • 461
  • Free

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