NokVAULT v.3.0


The Ultimate in Data ProtectionnokVAULT is the ultimate invisible File Encryption Software on the market today. It+s the world+s most unbreakable Encrypted File Vault.It+s invisible, untraceable, and it can+t be detected by any operating system. Other applications encrypt or vault your sensitive information but rely on Windows to store and manage it. nokVAULT is different. With a maximum of 512 bit Encryption Keys, nokVAULT stores your sensitive information and your secret files in a Data Vault outside of Windows, safe from intruders and hackers.Key Features Encrypt Files, folders, data in all documents and software programs, on any hard drive and removable media Hide Files, data, images, photos, documents, software programs, music, videos, movies with an untraceable file system Customize protection by creating many different Encryption Keys and customize security levels on a File-by-File basis Protect Files with AES Encryption (128, 192, and 256 bit) on a file-by-file basis Protect Files with Blowfish Encryption (128, 192, 256, 320, and 512 bit) on a file-by-file basis Secure Erase feature Securely Deletes files or folders and permanently removes information for Personal Privacy Encrypt e-Mail attachments with file or user-specific encryption keys for Secure eMail and information sharingnokVAULT FeaturesnokVAULT encryption software offers users many unique security features for ultimate file safety. These features provide the ultimate in data securitySencrypting your important and sensitive files so thieves cannot see or find them.Out-of-OS Extreme Security Secure your information with a parallel Kernel installed on your computer that coexists with your host operating system (ie. Windows). Your information is protected outside your OS, thus ensuring any security breach from within your OS is virtually impossible.Every installation is unique Each single nokVAULT installation is unique to every computer and every user. Even if a user re-installs their own unique copy on nokVAULT on the same machine, the re-installed vault is different and the protection is unique to the new installation. With no two installed copies ever alike, nokVAULT offers the ultimate protection against anti-reverse engineering.Every download is uniquely generated Each purchase of nokVAULT generates a unique copy of the nokVAULT software for that user. All encryption algorithms and file systems are therefore unique for each nokVAULT owner. Every download is compiled up to 80% differently from any other copy. With no two copies ever alike, nokVAULT offers users "their own" personal, private and unique vault that can only be accessed by the owner of each copy.Kernel Anti-reverse Engineering nokVAULT offers users extremely strong protection by the anti-reverse engineering systems included in every installation. Without such protection at the kernel level, hackers would be able to brake the software code and obtain access to your vault and the files within the vault, which contain your personal information. nokVAULT offers each user state-of-the-art anti-reverse engineering protection, thus making your information safe from hackers.Untraceable Vaults nokVAULT loads and operates at the proprietary kernel level, providing parallel to Windows' operating system protection. Your vault is invisible and untraceable. nokVAULT's untraceable vaults ensure maximum protection from any Windows-based security violations and boot protection from any other operating system.Undetectable Files Files protected by nokVAULT secure area are 100% undetectable and untraceable when the Vault is closed. The files can not be detected by forensic data recovery tools.512 bit Blowfish Encryption Protection nokVAULT offers file encryption up to 512 bit encryption through the Blowfish encryption method.Secure and hide any other software data nokVAULT can fully encrypt and secure any information within other "software" in the original installed location on your computer; restrict the access and usage of "programs" from unauthorized users with on-the-fly encryption and decryption. This allows the user to protect personal information that is generated and stored within software programs, which do not necessarily generate personal files easily accessible by users (i.e. Outlook e-mail). Examples of other software protection: MS Money, Quicken, Quickbooks, Makisoft, Simply Accounting etc. The user also has an option to make other software invisible and untraceable.Persistent Encryption Encrypt files anywhere in computer folders, disks and removable devices. Import / export encrypted data and files remain secure wherever they reside until accessed with specific designated key policy.On-the-fly File Encryption and Decryption nokVAULT automatically retains original security settings of files after use or modification and files remain protected even when the vault is open until decrypted. Save time by eliminating the burden of having to reset encryption settings each time you use encrypted documents.Encryption Key Management for each File nokVAULT enables users to create and assign an unlimited number of individual encryption keys. Such key authorities are primarily used for importing and exporting of encrypted documents. As an example, users can protect emailed attachments with individually assigned keys designated only for certain recipients to access specific encrypted documents. This makes exchange of files between users completely safe.Multiple algorithm-based security levels of encryption Select from multiple levels algorithms to secure your data, utilize different encryption policies on a per file basis. Choose between AES and Blowfish encryption.Secure Erase nokVAULT securely deletes files and removes any trace of data from the hard drive, beyond the capabilities of data recovery tools. Once a user deletes a file with nokVAULT, the file can not be recovered by anyone ever again.eMail Encrypted Documents Encrypt all your e-mail attachments for secure e-mailing of documents and files. nokVAULT securely exports any file on your computer for use on another computer system. During nokVAULT file export, the user encrypts files with any custom created encryption key, which must be used by other users on their system for importing into their nokVAULT.Automatic lock-down Automatic shut down of open vault upon screensaver activation or computer sleep / hibernation / shutdown.Un-install Document Safety Guard nokVAULT software cannot be un-installed without removing all encryption settings on protected data. The software can also ONLY be uninstalled from within nokVAULT thus you need the license password to remove the software. Prevent unwanted permanent loss of data with the nokVAULT Un-install Document Safety Guard.Hide files or folders Restrict access to your files or folders. Password protect access to your files or folders on your computer.

The Ultimate in Data ProtectionnokVAULT is the ...

  • NokVAULT
  • 3.0
  • nokVAULT Corp.
  • Win 2003, XP
  • Shareware
  • 307 Kb
  • 189
  • $49.95

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