Message Spy for AOL IM v.4.3.0


Log Both Sides of Chats on AOL Instant MessengerMessage Spy logs instant messages sent and received on AOL Instant Messenger 5.x. Message Spy is a small, light-weight program that runs in the background without any visible windows.Message Spy is equipped with password protection, stealth capability, hotkey support, and easy to view logs. Logged chats are organized by date, time, and by the screen names of the users that participated in the chat.All logged instant messages are stored encrypted on your computer.Message Spy is compatible with AOL Instant Messenger 5.0, 5.1, 5.2, 5.5, and 5.9. (To log AOL Instant Messenger 6 get Chat Watch.)With Message Spy you will never be left in the dark about who is chatting on your computer and what they are saying.Summary of Message Spy's Key Features * Log both sides (messages sent and received) of all conversations. * Sort logs by date, time, and conversation participants. * Password protected. * Logs are stored encrypted. * Hot key access with customizable hot key (default is CTRL+F9). * Optional User Notification setting that informs the user their chats are being logged.

Log Both Sides of Chats on AOL Instant ...

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