File Waster v.6.7.1


Your personal information, financial data and indeed any file on your computer can be at risk. Be safe, the encryption used by File Waster has no known successful attacks against it - so you can feel at ease knowing your data is truely protected. And when you need to - don't just erase your sensitive files, wipe them using the most secure wiping methods in the industry. In its most secure mode, no known methods whether software or hardware will recover your information. * Encrypts and decrypts your files while securely wiping the originals. * Or use it just to securely wipe your files. * Recurses sub-directories. * Can compress your files before encryption. * Uses the strongest encryption available. * Offers hardware recovery proof wiping [ not just unerase and low-level-utility proof ].

Your personal information, financial data and ...

  • File Waster
  • 6.7.1
  • JCMatt software
  • Windows All
  • Freeware
  • 2.3 Mb
  • 228
  • Free

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