Cisdem AppCrypt v.7.1.0


Cisdem AppCrypt is designed to lock apps and block websites on Mac. It is quite easy to use. Just set a password and add the apps or websites to the block list, no one will be able to access to your protected apps or blocked websites. It helps cut all distractions, enabling you to focus and increase productivity. Also, there is no need to worry about prying eyes any more when you share your Mac with others, your privacy and confidential data in apps will be well protected. You can also keep your kids safe online by blocking harmful and distractive websites when taking online courses. Time schedule can be set up to enable the locking or blocking in predefined sessions. What's more, it keeps track of failed attempts to open locked apps with wrong password, which brings your Mac to a higher level of security.

Key Features of Cisdem AppCrypt
1. Lock any Mac apps like Photos, Messages, Mail, iTunes, System Preferences, etc.
2. Block any distractive, inappropriate websites in Safari, Chrome, Brave browser, etc.
3. Set up time schedule to lock app or block website at predefined sessions.
4. Keep track of failed attempts to open locked apps with capture from Mac's camera.
5. Offer Menu bar version to protect apps or block websites unnoticed.

Best app blocker to lock applications and websites. With an easy-to-use interface, Cisdem AppCrypt helps password protect applications and block websites on Mac to improve focus and productivity. Users can set a time schedule to enable app locking and website blocking in predefined sessions.

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  • Cisdem AppCrypt
  • 7.1.0
  • 11 Jul 22
  • Cisdem
  • macOS 10.12 or later
  • Shareware
  • 4.9 Mb
  • 330
  • $29.99
Latest Versions History
Version Date Released Release Notes
7.1.0 11.07.2022 1. Change the way preference files are stored. 2. Optimize the toolbar on the Main window. 3. Optimize the schedule tips. 4. Fix the issue that Cisdem AppCrypt cannot auto launch on M1 Mac. 5. Fix some minor bugs.
7.0.0 01.04.2022 1. UI Optimized. 2. Support schedule setting for all the apps. 3. Support importing and exporting websites in txt file. 4. Enhanced software security.
6.7.0 22.02.2022 1. Fixed greying out of the preferences window. 2. Fixed the abnormal display issue when entering the illegal value in the edit box of preferences setting. 3. Enhanced software security.
6.6.0 19.01.2022 1. Added entries to activate and purchase the program in the menu list. 2. Added ability to redirect to custom URL.

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