Active Directory Change Notifier v.1.0


1. Install the program on a domain controller 2. Specify the domain name, password and select the objects to monitor 3. Select parent and or leaf objects 4. Supply a comma-separated list of e-mail addressesto send AD change reports to (at least one e-mail is required). 5. Specify SMTP server settings (name, port, from address). 6. Click OK and enter account name and password which will be used to generate reports. The account must be powerful enough to query entire Active Directory.Domain admin account is recommended,erwise you may get incomplete reports and missing entries. 7. On change you will get notified in email of the object and the path of the object that was modified.

1. Install the program on a domain controller ...

system restore, install, remote, active directory, helpdesk

  • Active Directory Change Notifier
  • 1.0
  • CionSystems
  • Win 2003
  • Freeware
  • 512 Kb
  • 255
  • Free

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