A2DCrypt 2048 Bits Encryption v.1.0


A2DCrypt 2048 Bits Encryption is file encryption software taking key length of 2048 bits. Armed with a simple interface to take control, the handling is easy and accessible to all. Compatible, lightweight, fast, secure, with an encryption algorithm highly resistant, A2DCrypt offers quality protection. A2DCrypt bring satisfaction to individuals and companies wishing to effectively protect their sensitive data. In fact, the algorithm implemented is designed to withstand attacks cryptanalysis. Moreover, the length of the private key (2048 bit), A2DCrypt offers more than simple security. A2DCrypt is able to generate keys of 2048 bits randomly, at the request of the user. These keys are stored in files, used for encryption of documents. The only way to decode the document is to give the same encryption key. Thus, the only possible attack would be to test 3.231700607131100730071487668867*10^616 different keys. In addition to being based on the length of the key, A2DCrypt uses parades to avoid recents cryptanalysis methods.

A2DCrypt 2048 Bits Encryption is file ...

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  • A2DCrypt 2048 Bits Encryption
  • 1.0
  • 25 May 12
  • Netnavis, Inc.
  • N/A
  • Freeware
  • 246 Kb
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  • Free

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