SPACEWatch Enterprise Edition v.5.3


SPACEWatch Pro 5 Enterprise Edition is a major new version of this storage management tool that allows IT staff to pinpoint storage misuse and waste across their organisation, addressing compliance, improving network reliability and reducing storage and backup costs. In a growing organisation, identifying and removing non-compliant files such as mp3 audio or potentially unlicensed or non-standard applications can be highly time-consuming - especially when stored as unstructured data on file servers. Often this unstructured data is duplicated across multiple systems, making it increasingly impractical to track down and address misues and waste manually. Sharpeware's research shows that a typical medium sized organisation will be trying to manage more than 3 million files stored as unstructured data, of which on average a majority are unused or unwanted by their owners. Unless IT can sort this data, all of it must continue to be stored and backed up. SPACEWatch Pro, Enterprise Edition, provides IT with the tools to flexibly monitor and manage unstructured data at the file level - across an entire organisation. Data can be stored on Microsoft Windows, Novell NetWare, UNIX/linux or IBM Lotus networks. Unwanted file types and applications are instantly located: unused files and directories are instantly visible. Like a search engine for storage systems, Enterprise Edition will search out files and maintain a central SQL database with up-to-date data. This database can then be used by Enterprise Edition users to produce powerful and rapid results, effectively automating the process of storage analysis. Enterprise Edition includes tools to easily review how departments and individual users are using storage down to a file level - highlighting areas that can usefully be archived or deleted, freeing up disk space and removing those non-compliant files and applications.

Enterprise storage audit and management. SPACEWatch Pro 5 Enterprise Edition is a major new version of this storage management tool that allows IT staff to pinpoint storage misuse and waste across their organisation, addressing compliance, improving reliability and reducing costs.

storage audit, information lifecycle management, storage management, file management, disk management, file duplicates

  • SPACEWatch Enterprise Edition
  • 5.3
  • Sharpeware Ltd
  • Windows2000, WinXP, Windows2003, Unix, Linux
  • Shareware
  • 10.51 Mb
  • 278
  • $495.00

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