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Save Valuable Typing Time With The Help Of Flashpaste

What Does Flashpaste Tool Do?
If you are a copy and paste addict or pass one-half of your life being forced to cut and paste from an application program to another, then Flashpaste software can be what you have been awaiting for. FlashPaste Speed Typing tool offers an all-powerful and extremely effective answer for preserving time with typewriting. You are able to employ the software for typewriting and utilizing textual matter templates in a sense that greatly expands the classic clipboard offered in Windows. No more will you need to perpetually cut and paste multiplex texts from distinct sources. Not only does this solution permit you to spare time nevertheless; it besides assists to annul unavoidable typographical errors from manually typewriting everything out every time. For occasional computer users, the clipboard might be sufficient, but in a lot cases, it just lacks the characteristics that are needed for sparing time and getting the task executed dependably and speedily.

Salient Features
FlashPaste Speed Typing tool is effective for exercising with frequently-used divisions of textual matter or encode and you are able to produce and expend templates in lowest possible time period. As soon as you have designed your favorite templates, you could coordinate them into classes so that you are able to detect the section of textual matter or encrypt which you require very fast. Every texts and code which you apply most often could be inscribed into any textual matter input division of an application program with hardly a couple of mouse clicks. If you are an author or computer programmer, you genuinely should not be without this application program as it establishes functioning with the clipboard a good deal more bountiful experience than it generally is. There are 2 primary charms to Flashpaste - template insertion and code repetition. Instead of penning the same anile things again and again, when writing e-mails or making documents, you frequently need to pen the same old articulates and quests. Flashpaste permits you to save pre-defined greetings, net mail addresses and URLs so that you will never ever need to waste time composing the same old matters time and time again. Flashpaste is also a very convenient tool for net developers as it has a specific cut and paste tool for hypertext markup language that makes directing clinks of code a great deal easier than normal. You are able to view at a glimpse, what codification you've and what it could be employed for. It is a highly valuable tool for web developers, client support representatives and anybody else who would like to capitalize on the abilities yielded by speed typing. Client support is a specially appropriate area for those who prefer to employ speed typing methods, as you'll no more require to manually type or copy and paste on a regular basis secondhand greetings, enquiries or other contents. FlashPaste Speed Typing is a cool solution to practice and fixing it up is unambiguous. While it might all the same use up some time to configure multitudes of contrasting templates, once it is executed, you'll never need to exercise it once more. From that dot on, you will get fast and comfortable access to any textual matter which you on a regular basis utilize.

• Very easy to operate and will extend Windows clipboard substantially.
• Will automatically create a computer backup copy of utilized databases
• Reanimate your textual matter with automatic process prior to pasting
• The present time would be mechanically pasted in any required format
• Option to apply the Hot Key tags to immediately pick out a text template
• All functions could be executed through keyboard

Flashpaste tool is perfect for anybody who sends e-mails, pens documents or computer programming encode on a regular basis. It is no more essential to search around through archaic documents and e-mails to get hold of the textual matter which you prefer to re-use and then manually copy and paste it into the fresh document. Everything can now be done by the click of your mouse button or through your keyboard keys.

Publisher's Description

Flashpaste is a useful tool which vastly enhances the copy and paste function of your PC, essentially allowing speed typing. Web programmers, software developers, customer help staff and many more will find this especially useful. For many of us, the simple, built in copy and paste features simply aren't enough when we must save time. The program gives you access to a set of text templates that you, yourself define when you set up the program. These templates can be sections of code or basic text that you frequently need access to. For example, if you are a web designer, you can easily paste frequently used fragments of code without having to find the original source from which to copy or type it out again from scratch. Macros are also accommodated for, adding greatly to the power and usefulness of this program. Added to this, it also supports clipboard history, so you can easily go back over data that was formerly held in the clipboard. To find out more and to begin testing a free, 30-day trial, pay a visit to http://flashpaste.com/ today.

Flashpaste enhances copy and paste abilities. Flashpaste is user friendly but powerful extension to the normal copy and paste ability built into Windows. You can plan and categorize your own text templates for fast and easy access to text and code that you use regularly.

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  • Flashpaste
  • 6.31
  • 17 Apr 17
  • Softvoile
  • Win2000, WinXP, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 10, WinServer, WinOther, Windows2000, Windows2003, Windows Server 2012, Windows Tablet PC Edition 2005, Windows Media Center Edition 2005, WinVista, Windows Vista, WinVista x64
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Latest Versions History
Version Date Released Release Notes
5.9 01.03.2013 Version 5.9 Added: New option - play sound when clip is captured into clipboard history. Added: New feature - use bold font for mark strings in the tree. Added: Hot keys for collapse\expand all tree folders in the string selection box (ctrl up\down). Added: "Add to root" option
5.8 29.10.2012 Version 5.8 Added: Macros %Clip(x)% and %ClipAsPlainText(x)% where x can be 1 - 5 for pasting data from clipboard history. Improved: Clipboard history feature and support of Clipboard Viewer Ignore Format. Added: Option to disable program exit confirmation. Added: Danish help, thanks to Egmos.
5.71 08.06.2012 Version 5.6 Added: %Dictionary(...)% - automatic substitution with text from the common or local dictionary when a template is pasted. Added: Command line option -s=path_to_configuration_file. Version 5.7 Added: %Env(...)% - insert value of environment variable.
5.6 21.03.2012 Version 5.6 Added: %Dictionary(...)% - automatic substitution with text from the common or local dictionary when a template is pasted. Added: Command line option -s=path_to_configuration_file.
5.25 22.02.2011 Version 5.2 * Added: Drag and drop support in the String Selection Dialog Box * Added: Option to emulate Shift Insert instead of Ctrl V to paste string, to paste strings into terminal window correctly * Changed location for the cached database to \Local Settings\Application Data\Flashpaste

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