TrueSafe Personal v.3.36


OverviewTrueSafe backs up your computer files, providing you with protection against loss,corruption, and accidental deletion.TrueSafe is designed for people that don't want to hassle with backups- it is easy to useand runs automatically.Virtually everyone has suffered data loss at some point. You know it's only a questionof time. Don't risk losing your valuable files.Get TrueSafe today!Key FeaturesBackup your email, pictures, music, documents, videos, and more.Easy to Setup- install and get protected in just 5 minutes.Hassle free- automatic operation frees you from backup drudgery.Backup to your USB hard disk, USB flash drive, network drive, and more.Zip Format - save in a convenient, non-proprietary Zip format file.Locked file support- backup files that are in use by other applications. Great for backing up your Outlook email.Disaster Level Protection- optionally backup your data offsite to another computer running TrueSafe.Host other user's backups on your computer and help your friends and family stay protected.Laptop support- supports users on the go with suspend/resume awareness.Email Notifications- let you know when your backup has completed or is past due.Unobtrusive- runs in the background so you can keep working.FeaturesSetupSetup Wizard - walks you through the simple setup stepsSelect any number of folders and files to backupBackup Profiles - create and run multiple backups, schedules, and destinations. Assign a description and image to a profileAdvanced options - including backup of hidden and system filesAutomationFlexible backup activation - run your backup on a schedule, when you insert the backup media, or manuallyScheduled backup - performs the backup automatically per your defined schedule. Choose the frequency, including hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, as well as specific day(s) and time to run. Optional skip intervalsMedia Insert Activation - runs your backup when the device is inserted. Great for backup to usb devices! Just plug in your device and your backup starts automaticallyManual backup - run any backup "on demand"Incremental backup - intelligent backup algorithm speeds backup timeSuspend/Resume support - option to wake up your computer at the scheduled timeLocked file support - backup open and locked files without having to close the application. Great for backing up your Outlook email and contactsUnobtrusive - continue working on your computer while a backup is in progressFlexible Backup DestinationsHard DiskUSB Drive - Flash, hard diskNetwork DriveRemote Computer - backup your data to another computer over the internet! Now you can obtain disaster level protection by backing up your data to the the machine of a friend or family member. Utilizing the same encrypted communication used when you bank online, your data is transmitted securely to the remote computerArchive FormatsYour choice of non-proprietary backup formatsZip Format - compatible with standard zip utilities such as WinZip. Optional compression and encryptionNative Format - a replication of the files and folders to back upFile Versioning - archive multiple versions of your files. Specify the number of versions to retain. Restore any versionReporting & NotificationsHealth Indicator - shows you how current your backup isEmail notifications - get notified when your backup completes or when it is overdueActivity Log - shows you your backup history, listing when files were backed upTray icon - visible indicator shows you current statusChanged File Indicator - convenient display of the number of files changed since your last backupSounds - assign your own sounds to play upon key events, including backup start, finish, and moreHosted BackupsHost Other Users - allocate storage to friends you authorize so that they can backup their data to your computerSecure Authentication - utilizes SSL encryption to authorize access to your hosted usersEncrypted Archives - only your hosted users can view their archived data, with all encryption/decryption taking place on the hosted user's computerStorage Quota - you decide how much disk space to provide each hosted userBandwidth Control - limit the internet bandwidth allocated to hosted usersCompressed data transmission - minimizes internet bandwidth and speeds backupDiagnostics - verify that your host computer can be accessed over the internet by your authorized users

OverviewTrueSafe backs up your computer files, ...

  • TrueSafe Personal
  • 3.36
  • Q Point Technology
  • Win Vista, 2000, 2003, XP
  • Freeware
  • 14.9 Mb
  • 179
  • Free

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