SugarSync for Windows v.


Sync your files automatically across your PC, Mac and mobile phone d-deOCL one-time setup and youd-deOaore ready to go! Computers that you sync dond-deOaot have to be online at the same time. No need to fully replicate files on all computers d-deOCL work remotely from any computer and all your changes stay in sync everywhere.NEW: SugarSync extends sync experience to web browsersNow you can work on your documents remotely through a web browser and keep all your changes in sync, even if the remote computer has no SugarSync client installed. Simply go to your SugarSync personal website and choose the WebSync option when you click a file. When youd-deOaore done editing the file SugarSync automatically syncs the changes to all your other devices. No manual uploads or downloads.Sync Software Solution for PC, Mac, MobileAutomatically sync files across your computers d-deOCL Sync between your PC and MacSync files across your computers and access any file from any device. Start editing a file on your office PC and complete your work on your home Mac. No need to email files, connect to VPN or use key drives. Sync your familyd-deOaos computers d-deOCL itd-deOaos easier than setting up a home network.Learn More: Sync FilesSynchronization Software Solution to Sync files across ComputersComputers that you sync don't have to be online at the same timeUnlike other products, SugarSync allows you to sync computers even if any of your devices is offline. For example, is your home computer off? You can still sync files to it from any other device. The next time your home computer is online, any file edits you make will sync automatically.Learn More: Offline SyncEasiest way for Syncing File across Computers and Mobile PhoneSync files to your personal website for remote access and online backupSugarSync continuously syncs and backs up files from your computer to your secure, personal SugarSync website. Upload a file through your website, and it will sync back to your computer. You can remotely access files from any web browser, and all your files are backed up for you.Sync your Files Remotely from Your MobileSync camera phone pictures and digital photos between your computer and phoneWith SugarSync Mobile, photos you take with your camera phone are automatically synced to your computer. It's the easiest way to save these photos. Any photos you have on your computer can be synced to your phone. Photos of your loved ones can now be with you wherever you go.

Sync your files automatically across your PC, ...

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  • SugarSync for Windows
  • Sharpcast Inc
  • WinXP, Win Vista, Windows 7
  • Freeware
  • 11.86 Mb
  • 187
  • Free

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