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SOS Online Backup is created to be an effective PC Magazine's Editors' Choice online backup tool, PC Pro Magazine online backup Labs Winner, PC User Top Buy, the Wall Street Journal's preferred online backup solution, and Roam Magazine's favorite pick. SOS Online Backup is the most awarded, and best performing backup systemMajor Features: Best of the Breed: SOS Online Backup has been PC Magazine"s Editors" Choice backup solution for the last three years and is PC Pro Magazine online backup Labs Winner, PC User Top Buy, the Wall Street Journal"s preferred online backup solution, and Roam Magazine"s favorite pick. SOS Online Backup is the most awarded, and best performing backup system.Continuous Data Protection: Engage SOS Continuous Data Protection to have SOS back up files as soon as a change is detected.Free Integrated Local Backup: Online backup is invaluable but simply cannot protect your entire computer. Using SOS local backup system, you can backup your entire computer, open/locked and operating system files included to any local medium whether it is an external USB drive, a local network location, a USB stick or an IPod.Enhanced Security & Privacy : The SOS system ensures complete privacy protection. SOS uses a three-tiered encryption system which encrypts data on the user"s computer again in transit and finally when at rest in storage. Users can also opt to use SOS UltraSafeTM which means that the user"s account password is not stored in the systems. This means that not even the SOS"s Engineers can view the data stored on the SOS servers. Only the user who put it there can ever access the data.Physical Media Upload: Chances are you have at least 20 to 30 GB of data to backup. Over the wire, that can literally take weeks. SOS exclusive PMU technology lets you "seed" your backup by sending your encrypted data on a DVD. Alternatively you can be sent a disk overnight and you can copy your backup to that disk. After that, just the 1"s and 0"s that change will be backed up, meaning your daily backup takes just minutes.Unlimited Computers: Backup as many computers as you like using one account. Over 60% of households have more than one computer and SOS allows you to backup and recover from all of your machines. Backup your home, office and laptop computers all on one account for easy access to ALL your files from anywhere.Intelligent File Filters: Tell SOS Online Backup to watch your My Documents folder but to ignore all *.mp3"s and *.avi"s. Alternatively tell SOS to only protect *.doc, and *.xls. Either use the pre-sets or set your own inclusion/exclusion mask.Unlimited Versioning: Unlike other online backup systems, do not delete the file from your backup just because you delete the file from your computer. Powerful Recovery: Keep an unlimited version history of all your files " roll back your books to last years tax records if you wish. Use the time machine feature to go back to the date you want to restore your backup as of and recover that snapshot of files & versions.Flexible Scheduling: Monthly, weekly, daily, hourly or instant backup.One Click File & Folder Sharing: From inside the Online Recovery Interface you can share your files with anyone with an email address. Never have a large attachment bounce again. Just share your already backed-up data with your friends and colleagues. Or if you are a home user " simply share photos or videos.Global Roaming Access: Because your data is being backed up daily to the SOS Backup Server Grid - you can access your data anywhere in the world using just a web-browser. Never be without that critical file again.Compression & Transfer Systems:The SOS compression system only backs up changed files and then only the changed 1"s and 0"s are transferred. On a 500 MB database (MYOB/Intuit/Turbo Tax) the daily transfer can be as small as 5 KB. The transfer system is enterprise grade, meaning that large file transfers are resumed at the KB of interruption, and does not start at the beginning like most other online backup systems.Enhancements:Includes off-site and local backup, you can backup your entire computer, open/locked and operating system files included to any local medium whether it is an external USB driveA local network locationA USB stick or an IPod.Features integrated online and local backup.

SOS Online Backup is created to be an ...

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  • SOS Online Backup
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