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Advanced data backup with net-runna ReStor It"s now a digital world, whether its photographs or movies, your music collection or office documents. Over 90% of cameras now sold are digital, fewer than 20 per cent of the 30 billion digital photos taken each year are ever printed out. Billions of irreplaceable digital photographs are sitting on computer hard drives, not backed up and at risk of permanent loss. Music downloads can run into hundreds or thousands of pounds of value, is this investment protected by a regular backup? Hundreds of hours of work can go into documents - that could be lost for good at any time. So what could go wrong? Accidental deletion File corruption Malicious deletion Hardware failure Formatted hard disk So whats the solution? Data backup has been avoided by many people due to the lack of an affordable and easy to use backup product. Well bury your head in the sand no longer, net-runna ReStor addresses these issues with fast, flexible and efficient automatic data backup software. ReStor offers powerful features at an entry level price. Never forget to backup A built in scheduler repeats your backups in the background so you don"t have to think about them. Very fast backup and a restore Unlike most backup tools ReStor only backs up new or altered files - similarly it is only changed files that are restored. There"s a simple explorer style interface to help you locate the files you have accidentally deleted. Each backup creates a restore point so you can easily roll back to any earlier version of a file or folder. Complete safety and peace of mind with 2 backup locations You can backup to local and remote locations simultaneously. When you are away from the network you backup locally and then you synchronise with the network backup location when you reconnect. Thats great for mobile users as backups are secure even if a computer is damaged, lost, stolen or formatted!

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