Praekelt.recipe.backup v.0.0.2


Filesystem and database backup Buildout recipe.Creates a bin/ script with which you can easily create backups of any path and/or database.UsageAdd a part in buildout.cfg like so:[buildout]parts = backup[backup]recipe = praekelt.recipe.backuparchive_prefix = backmeuplocal_location = /var/backupRunning the buildout will add a backup script with the same name as your backup part in the bin/ directory. In this case bin/backup.Optionsarchive_prefix String prefixed to backup archive filenames. Required database_enabled Whether or not to include a database backup. Defaults to False database_engine Type of database to backup. Supported options mysql or postgres database_name Name of the database to backup.database_username Username of the database to backup.database_password Password of the database to backup.path_enabled = True Whether or not to recursively include a path in the backup. Defaults to False path Path to backup. Defaults to the buildout directory local_count Number of backups to keep locally. As new backups are created older backups are deleted. Defaults to 3 local_location Local path in which to store backups. Also used as a sandbox when creating backups. Make sure the user running the backup script has appropriate rights to this path. Required scp_enabled Whether or not to send a copy of created backups to a remote location via scp. Default to False Note: scp functionality is limited to key based authentication. Make sure to setup your keys appropriately for passwordless authentication.scp_username Remote scp login username.scp_host Remote scp hostname.scp_path Remote path in which to store backups.

Filesystem and database backup Buildout ...

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