Handy Backup Server Network v.8.2.4


Handy Backup Server Network is a full-featured backup solution for centralized network-level data protection. It lets you automatically back up and recover files, folders, emails (via IMAP protocol) and other important data stored on network computers. Besides "common" workstation data such as files, projects and personal emails, , it also lets you creating hard drive snapshots, backing up databases and server applications of different types, including MySQL, MariaDB, Lotus Notes/Domino, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, MS Exchange Server, Oracle, and other. It creates backups in hot mode, without interrupting any job in a system, so you can safely use this software on production servers. There are the three types of supported operations: backup, recovery and synchronization. A user controls all actions from a single management panel with a comprehensible, easy-to-use GUI, allowing assigning all backup-related tasks to one person (network administrator) and saving time and resources from teaching other employees to back up their data themselves. An administrator can also made a remote recovery for any data on any machine in a network. Efficient backup techniques include the options of scheduling, compression, encryption, versioning, incremental, differential and mixed backup, and many other features. While the most frequent scenario is to store data to a central backup server, the solution can also save data to any other local or remote locations, such as FTP, FTPS, SFTP, WebDAV or S3 cloud, Dropbox, OneDrive (with OneDrive for Business), Google Drive, dedicated HBDrive storage and to some other places. The program works under Windows 10/8/7/Vista and Windows Server 2019/2016/2012/2008, as well as under Ubuntu Linux 16.04/14.04 and its clones. It fully supports Unicode, has a multiple language GUI, and provides a lot of advanced control and administration features, such as logging, task reporting, e-mail notifications, command line interface, and other.

Centralized network backup solution. Handy Backup Server Network lets you control backup and recovery on all workstations and servers in your network from a central console. Backup for files, emails, HDD, SQL databases, Exchange data and other crucial information from an entire network.

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  • Handy Backup Server Network
  • 8.2.4
  • 25 May 21
  • Novosoft Handy Backup
  • Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows 7 Starter, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019
  • Shareware
  • 110.95 Mb
  • 2846
  • $299.00
Latest Versions History
Version Date Released Release Notes
7.11.0 18.04.2018 Handy Backup Server Network 7.11.0 allows email backup from any server via the renewed "Email" plug-in with advanced settings.
7.9.10 23.03.2018 Handy Backup Server Network 7.9.10 contains a renewed Google Drive plug-in with stable connection, as well as supports new FTP commands and the modernized Czech localization.
7.9.9 13.02.2018 Handy Backup Server Network 7.9.9 allows faster and more reliable network backup, due to auto selecting available ports for connection and simplified configuration for Network Agents.
7.9.8 23.01.2018 Handy Backup Server Network 7.9.8 makes disk image backup 50% faster, and allows auto-restoring backups moved manually to some other location.
7.9.7 19.12.2017 Handy Backup Server Network 7.9.7 contains renewed FTP-based plug-ins,and a new version of Oracle backup tool.
7.9.6 22.11.2017 Handy Backup Server Network 7.9.6: renewed Amazon S3 plug-in with an authorization by AWS4; a list of new and enhanced cloud service plug-ins for network backup.
7.9.4 27.09.2017 Handy Backup Server Network 7.9.4: Microsoft OneDrive plug-in - extended reliability and speed; Google Drive plug-in - renewed fast and reliable solution.
7.9.3 31.08.2017 Handy Backup Server Network 7.9.3: efficiency and usability of the Backblaze plug-in is improved; Yandex.Disk plugin is updated.
7.9.2 26.07.2017 Handy Backup Server Network 7.9.2: optimizing cloud operations and data exchange; deleting obsolete backup copies from Dropbox.
7.9.1 22.06.2017 Handy Backup Server Network 7.9.1: improvements to internal functions and data exchanging algorithms.
7.9.0 03.05.2017 Handy Backup Server Network 7.9.0: Disk Image plug-in optimization for 64-bit systems.
7.8.8 03.04.2017 Handy Backup Server Network 7.8.8: with a new Backblaze plug-in, a user can access a Backblaze account either as a backup storage or as a source of backup data.
7.8.7 21.12.2016 Handy Backup Server Network 7.8.7: new plug-in for E-mail backup. It can download and backup any email messages via the IMAP protocol, using no bridge software such as email clients.)
7.8.3 03.08.2016 Handy Backup Server Network 7.8.3: New plug-in for OneDrive backup is added.
7.8.1 05.07.2016 Handy Backup Server Network 7.8.1: New Dropbox plug-in is added.
7.8.0 08.06.2016 Handy Backup Server Network 7.8.0: New Google Drive plug-in; Supporting mail services with TLS passwords; TLS encryption in FTPS plug-in.
7.7.7 30.03.2016 Handy Backup Server Network 7.7.7: PostgreSQL 9.4 and 9.5 are now fully supported; Copying Access Control List rights is added; Starting standalone editions on Hyper-V hosts is added.
7.7.6 17.02.2016 Handy Backup Server Network 7.7.6: Mixed backup with controlled backup chain length; Task scheduler â optimized and made smarter.
7.7.5 19.01.2016 Handy Backup Server Network 7.7.5: More features for working with mapped drives are added; The issue occasionally causing closing after running a task is fixed.
7.4.7 18.02.2014 Handy Backup Server Network 7.4.7 contains advanced multitasking, enhanced file masks, speed improvements and much more.

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