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Handy Backup Professional is a powerful backup solution for home and business. The program provides backup for files, folders, e-mails, Windows libraries, registry, ODBC-driven databases and other valuable data. It also uses IMAP to backup webmail (Gmail, Outlook.com, Yahoo!Mail and other). To store backups, it utilizes plug-ins for local and external HDDs, USB, LAN, FTP/SFTP/FTPS, S3, WebDAV and popular cloud destinations (such as Google Drive, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Dropbox and Amazon S3), with ZIP compression, 128-bit encryption and scheduling. Handy Backup Professional can work "silently" as Windows service, supports command line interface, e-mail notifications and creates detailed logs and reports about its activities. Users can always add to the list of program functions by purchasing additional plug-ins for SQL databases, virtual machines and storage solutions. In 2012, Handy Backup received the "Best Small Business App" award from PCMag.

Professional Files and System Backup Software. Handy Backup Professional is designed to automatically back up files, folders, disk images and databases to local and external drives, FTP/FTPS/SFTP servers, S3-clouds, Google Drive, OneDrive for Business, Dropbox and a dedicated HBDrive server.

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  • Handy Backup Professional
  • 8.3.0
  • 14 Jul 21
  • Novosoft Handy Backup
  • Windows 10, Windows 8, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, WinServer, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista
  • Shareware
  • 110.85 Mb
  • 3436
  • $89.00
Latest Versions History
Version Date Released Release Notes
8.0.2 21.05.2019 Handy Backup Professional 8.0.2 brings enhanced stability to WebDAV and FTP plug-ins, provides the updated PostgreSQL plug-in with advanced recovery, and contains more informative "About Handy Backup" window.
8.0.0 08.04.2019 Handy Backup Professional 8 contains a renewed interface with a modernized wizard that allows simple or advanced task creation, speeds backup operations up to 27 times and speeds restore operations up to 9 times.
7.17.0 24.10.2018 Handy Backup Professional 7.17 provides a modernized Disaster Recovery utility based on Slax 9, which can support most modern hardware.
7.16.0 29.08.2018 Handy Backup Professional 7.16 contains a new version of the Network plug-in with searching by IP, and the renewed E-mail plug-in for email backup via IMAP.
7.15.0 31.07.2018 Handy Backup Professional 7.15 provides the new S3 Cloud plug-in for any S3-driven storage and intoduces the mixed imcremental backup method.
7.13.0 05.06.2018 Handy Backup Professional 7.13 provides an internal browser for creating connections with cloud and email services, and the updated WebDAV plug-in.
7.12.0 24.04.2018 Handy Backup Professional 7.12 contains a new dedicated plug-in allowing OneDrive for Business backup and recovery.
7.10.0 03.04.2018 Handy Backup Professional 7.10.0 provides a brand new Gmail plug-in for easy-to-use Google Mail backup and restore.
7.9.10 27.02.2018 Handy Backup Professional 7.9.10 optimizes Google Drive connections, make FTP commands more convenient and contains the renewed Czech localization.
7.9.8 09.01.2018 Handy Backup Professional 7.9.8 makes disk image backup up to 50% faster and provides auto recovery for manually moved backup files.
7.9.7 06.12.2017 Handy Backup Standard 7.9.7 provides an enhanced Oracle plug-in and some important updates in FTP/SFTP/FTPS plug-ins.
7.9.5 08.11.2017 Handy Backup Professional 7.9.5: effective restore of manually moved backup data; keeping workstations connected when a new user enters onto a system; opening with a tray icon and preserving report pictures after auto start.
7.9.3 14.09.2017 Handy Backup Professional 7.9.3: efficiency and usability of the Backblaze plug-in is improved; Yandex.Disk plugin is updated.
7.9.2 16.08.2017 Handy Backup Professional 7.9.2: optimizing cloud operations and data exchange; deleting obsolete backup copies from Dropbox.
7.9.1 14.07.2017 Handy Backup Professional 7.9.1: improvements to internal functions and data exchanging algorithms.
7.9.0 19.05.2017 Handy Backup Professional 7.9.0: Disk Image plug-in optimization for 64-bit systems.
7.8.9 19.04.2017 Handy Backup Home Professional 7.8.9: Disk Image plug-in is optimized; Spanish localization is added.
7.8.7 06.12.2016 Handy Backup Home Professional 7.8.7: backs up emails, such as Gmail, Mail.ru, Outlook.com, Yahoo!Mail and Yandex.Mail, using the protocol IMAP.
7.8.5 04.10.2016 Handy Backup Home Professional 7.8.5: sending detailed task reports via email (reports contain several details about tasks, including source datasets, destinations, scheduling parameter and task status).
6.9.6 10.08.2011 Handy Backup Professional 6.9.6 features Exchange 2010 backup functionality and more stable work under 64-bit systems
6.9.5 23.06.2011 Handy Backup Professional 6.9.5 now comes with new MySQL backup plug-in, improved interface and much more.
6.9.4 29.03.2011 Handy Backup Professional 6.9.4 can be installed remotely over Active Directory, supports silent installation, features improved user interface updated, and much more.

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