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BackupToZip is a simple backup program that maintains a compressed mirror of a set of files in a single large ZIP file. You can then copy this ZIP file to DVD, flash drive, hard disk or CD for backup. Unlike a compression utility, such as WinZIP, if you delete files, the next time you run BackupToZip it will automatically delete those deleted files from the backup archive.It will also automatically update changed or add new files as needed. To restore, you would use a conventional ZIP tool such as WinZIP to fetch replacements for the damaged files from the archive. BackupToZip is much faster than recreating the archive from scratch each time with WinZIP. It also avoids the usual problem of gradually accumulating more and more junk in your backup archive files that have long been deleted from your actual files.With an ordinary archiving utility, come time to restore, you have to manually sort through the accumulated chaff. The first time you invoke BackupToZip it will take a fair bit of time. Every time thereafter will be much faster since it will only have to compress the files that have changed.Be aware that if you change the command line, any files NOT mentioned on the new command line will be automatically deleted! You don't have to start from scratch. Note that you can't add to the archive with several different command lines. If your command line gets too long, use two separate archive files and two separate groups of files to backup.

BackupToZip is a simple backup program that ... A simple backup program that mainatins a compressed mirror.

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