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BMailSolo is an application which allows easy backing up of important files to a remote email address for safe offsite storage. Files are processed with updated files being zipped, attached to an email message, and emailed to the email address. BMailSolo is a software application which allows users to easily back up important files to a remote email address for safe offsite storage. Files are processed with updated files being copied, zipped, attached to an email message and emailed to a remote email address. BMailSolo is easy to use with the files to be backed up selected as individual files or as complete folders and sub folders. In fact, if all important files are kept under a series of sub folders branching from a single folder, all files can be backed up by simply selecting the root folder. Many easy to use features make the regular backing up of files an easy and trouble free operation. For example, file and folders selected for backing up are displayed in simple tree structure. BMailSolo can be configured to run a back up sequence whenever the PC starts or shuts down. The most common use for BMailSolo is to provide an easy way to back up files from one computer to a remote computer. Typically, a copy of BMailSolo will be installed on a computer in an office and be configured to back up important files to a PC located in a remote location, such as someonels home, or a colleagues PC. Configuring the email application on the remote PC to automatically process messages generated by BMailSolo allows the messages to be automatically stored. If a second computer is not available to store back up files on, an alternative approach is to create a free email account with one of the many internet entities offering such services. This email address can then be used by BMailSolo to back files up. Thus copies of your important files are safely stored in a remote location. Another application offered by SoftBiz Limited is BMailHost which provides enhanced file saving on the receiving PC.

BMailSolo is an application which allows easy ...

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