The majority of computer users today are infected with spyware without their knowledge. Computer users falsely assume that their anti-virus software can protect them from all kinds of internet parasites. But virus checkers cannot even detect these spyware as they act differently from viruses which are designed to ruin the computer. Spyware is specifically designed to secretly steal information from the computer user, to use either for advertising or for identity theft. Some spyware also have the ability to act like viruses and replicate themselves to infect other computers. Their activities are done in stealth and using YOUR internet connection. This is what makes them different and more dangerous than viruses. Why you need Spy Striker to protect your privacy "9 out of every 10 Internet-connected PCs are infected by spyware." Your privacy and computer are at risk if you: surf the internet more than 1 hour a week share your computer make purchases online use file-sharing programs Anyone with access to your PC (either in person, or over the Internet) can install spyware programs on your system without your knowledge. Spyware programs are easy to install and virtually impossible to detect without anti-spyware software. Spyware programs can record your every move - gathering personal information about you, which web sites you visit, which ads you click on, the duration of your visits, your name, age, gender, credit card numbers, passwords, email addresses, online buying habits and more. Spyware threats have become commonplace, and have even outpaced viruses as the number one on-going danger facing on-line PC users today. The fact is you are increasingly vulnerable to privacy invasions unless you take steps to protect yourself and your computer assets. spyware cops provides solutions that help you take control of your PC and your privacy.

The majority of computer users today are ...

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