PC Confidential v.2010

PC Confidential is a Security and Privacy management tool designed to complement traditional security solutions such as anti-virus and anti-spyware.Features: Browser Security Manager: PC Confidential allows users to easily change browser security settings. You choose how long to keep your browser history, zone specific settings and more! Classify Sites PC Confidential allows users to easily classify sites into Low, Medium, and High Security. Easily import Favorites into Low Security so that favorite sites work properly while keeping browser security high for all other sites Cookie Manager: Websites leave cookies on your PC after you visit them. These are visible "crumbs" of your online travels. Cookies are helpful for things like remembering your automatic log-ins. PC Confidential makes it easy by letting you decide which cookies you would like to save, and which you would like to delete. You can also "shred" the cookies so that they cannot be recovered. Shred Files and Folders: Ultra powerful, PC Confidential's powerful file shredding exceeds the Clear and Sanitize Matrix requirements of the Department of Defense standard, ensuring that shredded files CANNOT be recovered. You can choose between 4 levels of shredding security and you can also choose to shred all of the empty space on your hard drive(s). Delete Online History: Deletes all traces of your internet history including Web sites visited, Internet cache, search history, web site cookies. Deletes internet tracks (history, cookies, cache) for 6 different programs including: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Secure IE, Netscape, AOL and MSN Explorer.Delete the hard to find and locked index.dat file: This file contains a comprehensive record of your online activities. (Internet history, Internet cache and webpage cookies). Because of the way Windows was created, it cannot be manually deleted... ever. PC Confidential is powerful enough to destroy all traces of this file.Delete Search History (Auto-Complete): Auto-complete is a feature that stores a list of ANYTHING you type in a web page. Which means your name, your email, your credit card numbers, your address and your passwords could all be stored in your Auto Complete History. If a hacker were to break into your PC, this is exactly the kind of information they'd be looking for. Also anyone who starts to type in a search box (such as Google or Yahoo) will get a drop-down list with EVERY search you've ever typed. PC Confidential destroys this list so what you type, stays PRIVATE!

PC Confidential is a Security and Privacy ...

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  • PC Confidential
  • 2010
  • Winferno.com
  • WinXP, Win2000, Win Vista, Windows 7
  • Shareware
  • 4.37 Mb
  • 99
  • $39.99

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