McAfee SiteAdvisor Live v.5.0.259


Identifies Risky Websites and Protects your PCMcAfeedlT« SiteAdvisor software provides you with simple red, yellow and green Website safety ratings, McAfee SECURE trustmarks for sites passing more rigorous daily tests, and a Secure Search Box so you can click with confidence and safely surf, search and shop online.McAfeedlT« SiteAdvisor Live goes beyond safe searching and browsing to provide active, real-time, comprehensive protection from sites that can compromise your identity and your PC. Benefit from advanced phishing protection, link checking in e-mails and instant messages, and `protected modedlDL to disable interaction with dangerous sites.This award-winning program tests websites for spyware, spam, phishing, and browser exploits, and its automatic updates help protect you from the latest threats. SiteAdvisor technology works with 20 search engines, including Google, Yahoo!, Bing, AOL, and Ask. It has been downloaded more than 200 million times and does not require any other security software to work. Features and benefits * Rates websites for safety * Color-coded threat alerts * Blocks risky websites * Anti-phishing protection * Scans email and IMs for risky links * Shortens URLs for safe sharing * Shop and bank online more safely * Works with other security software# Product Benefits * Safe Search. When using popular search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing, AOL, or Ask, SiteAdvisor safety ratings appear next to search results. * Safe Browse. When browsing, a small button in your browser changes color based on that websited-deOaos safety test results. * Advanced phishing protection helps you avoid fraudulent sites that try to steal your identity. * Link Checking. SiteAdvisor Live checks the safety of links in popular e-mail and instant messaging applications and warns of any danger in advance. * Safe Share. Easily and safely shorten and share web links to your favorite social networking sites, applications or other locations. With Safe Share, your online friends will know it is safe to click on links you share * Know In Advance. Warnings inform you about threatening Web sites. * Protected Mode. Helps protect you against visiting potentially dangerous websites or downloading files rated risky. * Compact Interface. This slimmed down version reduces browser clutter. Ideal for small netbook screens. * Get The Details. Detailed test results for every site are just one click away.# Additional Benefits * Always Upgrading, Always Updating. Updates are installed automatically. When a new version is available, you get it automatically at no charge during your subscription, ensuring that you always have up-to-date protection. * Convenient, Ongoing Protection. McAfee offers a variety of renewal options to keep your McAfee protection current

Identifies Risky Websites and Protects your ... McAfeedlT« SiteAdvisor software provides you with simple red, yellow and green Website safety ratings, McAfee SECURE trustmarks for sites passing more rigorous daily tests ...

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  • McAfee SiteAdvisor Live
  • 5.0.259
  • McAfee, Inc
  • WinXP, Win Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Shareware
  • 4.06 Mb
  • 281
  • $19.99

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