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Vnc2flv is a screen recorder utility. It captures a VNC desktop session and saves it as a Flash Video (FLV) file.Vnc2flv is a rewrite of its predecessor, vnc2swf. As FLV format is more prevalent today, vnc2flv is specialized for FLV format and aims at a simpler and more lightweight functionality.How to Install#md5=8492e46496e187b49fe5569b5639804e 1. First of all, you need to have a VNC server running on your computer (or a remote machine you want to capture). 2. You need Python 2.4 or newer. 3. Download and extract the vnc2flv source distribution. 4. Run to install:python install 5. Done!How to UseCurrently, there is only one command, is the main recording program. It connects the specified VNC server and immediately starts recording when it's started and stops when Ctrl-C is pressed (or SIGINT is sent to the process). You need to have a VNC server running on the target machine in advance.The recorded file is playable via either desktop programs like ffmpeg, VLC or mplayer, or a bunch of online Flash-based players.Syntax: [options] [host[:port]]Examples: $ x11vnc -quiet -localhost -viewonly -nopw -bg (start up a vnc server) The VNC desktop is: localhost:0 PORT=5900 ****************************************************************************** Have you tried the x11vnc '-ncache' VNC client-side pixel caching feature yet? The scheme stores pixel data offscreen on the VNC viewer side for faster retrieval. It should work with any VNC viewer. Try it by running: x11vnc -ncache 10 ... more info: $ localhost:5900 (Record a local desktop) $ -W 640x480 localhost:5900 (Record a local desktop with a 640x480 window that tracks the changes automatically.) $ remotehost:5900 (Connect a remote computer and record its screen)Options:-o filename Specifies the output file name.-P pwdfile Specifies the password file for a vnc session.-C wxh+x+y Specifies the clipping.-W wxh Specifies the auto scrolling.-N Suppress cursor display.-e encoding,encoding,... Specifies the vnc encoding methods.-d Increases the debug level.md5=6648ead20652bf98e87baf9debc6cebd

Vnc2flv is a screen recorder utility. It ... Screen recording tool that captures a VNC session and saves as FLV ...

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