Vdrd v.0.1.2


vdrd project is a daemon to control VDR.It supports:A?A?A? starting VDR only when needed for live-viewing or recordingA?A?A? triggering VDR start via starting the live-view application (xawtv, xine...)A?A?A? programming nvram-wakeup timers and automatic shutdown after recordingA?A?A? error recovery when VDR crashesTheory of operationVDR can either function as a settop box, driving a TV set via the video output of a "full-featured" DVB card, or be used with a viewer program to do the actual displaying of video on the PC screen. This viewer may be xawtv or tvtime etc. for "full-featured" DVB cards.Another solution is to use the xine plugin, in which case xine is the viewer program. In all these cases, the viewer can be started independently from VDR. (This may not be the case for all of the various software decoder plugins, however.)vdrd is designed to run with such a separate viewer, for the case where VDR itself doesn't need to run all the time. VDR only should be started when recording via a timer or when viewing TV via a viewer (or both at once). When not needed, VDR is shut down, which switches the DVB hardware off and thus saves energy and reduces heat dissipation.To this end, vdrd watches out for whether the viewer program runs and whether a timer is active.vdrd creates a FIFO device, into which the viewer program's output should be redirected. Listening on this FIFO tells vdrd whether a viewer is active. vdrd also periodically asks VDR for the next active timer.InstallationCreate a "video" user which owns the /video and LIBDIR directories. Edit the compile-time parameters in config.h and Makefile as needed. Edit the perl scripts (loaddevices and vdrshutdown) as needed.make; make installThe perl scripts are installed setuid root. The main program runs as user "video".Edit the run-time configuration file vdrd.conf (by default installed in /etc) as needed. You want to adapt at least the list of plugins to load.Here the following access rights are assu

vdrd project is a daemon to control VDR.It ...

  • Vdrd
  • 0.1.2
  • Olaf Titz
  • Linux
  • Freeware
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