IPlayAnywhere for iTunes v.7.0


How It Works: Home - iPlayAnywhere Help Wiki The Application runs on your PC and works with iTunes to acquire the list of all your songs, podcasts, TV shows, movies, and playlists in your iTunes Music Library. Home - iPlayAnywhere Help Wiki The application is used to send an email invitation containing information on accessing your iTunes Music Library using a web browser. The application itself or the iPlayAnywhere for iTunes home page can be used to send email invitations. Use the home page to send invitations from anywhere using your web browser. Home - iPlayAnywhere Help Wiki Any web browser can be used to access and play your iTunes Music Library. Click the link in the email invitation or use iPlayAnwhwhere.com if your Web Server is published to go to the iPlayWhere for iTunes Home Page. Single songs, podcasts, TV shows, movies or playlists can be played. Home - iPlayAnywhere Help WikiHow to access your iPlayAnywhere web server behind a router/firewall. Also: special considerations. Home - iPlayAnywhere Help Wiki For any Firefox browser player problems see: Firefox Windows Media Player plug-in issues (such as music playing but no player visible in the window or no musicplayer at all) Home - iPlayAnywhere Help Wiki For other player issues see: General Windows Media Player plug-in issues Home - iPlayAnywhere Help WikiTo add your Web Server to the MarkelSoft public web database follow these steps: + Run iPlayAnywhere for iTunes + Go to the Help->iPlayAnywhere.com password... menu to acquire your iPlayAnywhere.com password. do not give this password out as it is your personal password for accessing iPlayAnywhere.com Go to the Help->Publish Server for iPlayAnywhere.com... menu to add or manage your Web Server. Use iPlayAnywhere anytime to find your Web Server. (If you prefer to keep your Web Server private, you can still use the normal email method of sending an email invitation to yourself or others)Product Help - iPlayAnywhere Help WikiApplication Toolbar: Home - iPlayAnywhere Help WikiInvite User - used to send an email invitation allowing remote access Home - iPlayAnywhere Help WikiTest Web Access - used to test the web access to your library. Home - iPlayAnywhere Help WikiRefresh - refreshes the song list. This option reprocessing all the iTunes Music Library songs, podcasts, TV shows, movies and playlists. Home - iPlayAnywhere Help WikiUser Manager - expands/collapses window to show/hide song list.Song list is hidden by default. Home - iPlayAnywhere Help WikiSecurity - turn security on enabling username/password authentication. Home - iPlayAnywhere Help WikiAuto Refresh - enabled automatic checking of iTunes Music Library playlist changes. If a change occurs, the iPlayAnywhere information is automatically updated. Home - iPlayAnywhere Help WikiRight arrow - changes to shrinked mode. Home - iPlayAnywhere Help Wiki To exit shrink mode, click on the shrinked window icon. The stop light is green if iPlayAnywhere is ready or red if processing has not completed.Application Status Area: Home - iPlayAnywhere Help WikiStop light: has two states green for web server ready or red for web server not ready. Home - iPlayAnywhere Help WikiA Web Server not ready or ready status text is displayed along with the full IP address of the iPlayAnywhere Home Page. This is the IP Address sent with the invitation. Home - iPlayAnywhere Help Wiki Clicking the status area displays the iPlayAnywhere Home Page as does clicking the Test Web Access toolbar button. Home - iPlayAnywhere Help Wiki The last part of the status area indicates how many iTunes Music Library songs (songs, podcast, TV shows and movies) were found and their total size.Features: Home - iPlayAnywhere Help WikiApplication runs on your PC (web server) and is accessible via any web browser (client). Home - iPlayAnywhere Help Wiki Gets song list from iTunes and makes available via a built-in web server. All artwork thumbnails are clickable which when clicked will show the full-size artwork image. Home - iPlayAnywhere Help Wiki Remotely access and play your iTunes Music Library using any browser. Browser example. Home - iPlayAnywhere Help Wiki Send invitations for accessing your iTunes Music Library via email to yourself or your friends. Home - iPlayAnywhere Help Wiki Sort by clicking on the web page heading. Clicking the same heading again toggles the sort.The default sort is ascending by song name. Home - iPlayAnywhere Help Wiki Very easy to setup. Home - iPlayAnywhere Help Wiki Standards support: iTunes interface

How It Works: Home - iPlayAnywhere Help Wiki ...

  • IPlayAnywhere for iTunes
  • 7.0
  • MarkelSoft
  • Win XP, Vista
  • Shareware
  • 43.4 Mb
  • 301
  • $29.95

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