IPCamFilter v.2.3


The AZcendant IP Camera Filter is a "DirectShow Source Filter". It MUST be used with a video capture application such as HandyAvi (preferred) or some other application such as VirtualDub, WebcamXP, Windows Media Encoder, etc. The AZcendant IP Camera Filter allows you to view and capture video from Internet Protocol (IP) Cameras when used in conjunction with an application such as HandyAvi. IP Cameras are cameras that send their video data over either a wired or wireless ethernet/internet connection. This means that the camera can be half-way around the world and you can still receive the video images that are produced by the camera. Wireless cameras such as the Panasonic BL-C131A can be set up around your home or office and they will transmit video images over the ethernet/internet to your wireless router without having to be directly plugged in with an ethernet cable. All they need is a source of power from an AC source or from solar power and batteries or from any other imaginable power source. IP Cameras have self-contained internet server software that makes them behave like an internet server so the video images can be seen using an internet browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox, ...) or by using other systems such as HandyAvi with the AZcendant IP Camera Filter. The AZcendant IP Camera Filter now supports multiple cameras simultaneously. You can now purchase a license to support 1, 2, 5, 10, 15 or 20 cameras.Here are some key features of "IPCamFilter":dlTE Allows you to receive images from wired or wireless Internet Protocol Cameras (IP Cameras)dlTE Supports hundreds of types of camerasdlTE Handles MJPEG streams (Real-time video - images transmitted rapidly by the camera)dlTE Handles JPEG streams (Images transmitted every few seconds or minutes by the camera)Handles MANY types of IP Cameras. For example:dlTE Panasonic BL-C131 Wireless cameradlTE Linksys WVC54GCA Wireless cameradlTE MANY others... (They do need to transmit JPEG and/or MJPEG though)dlTE Handles video data from internet webcams when their URL is entereddlTE Automatically detects transmitted image size of internet webcamsdlTE Recovers automatically from any disruption of video transmissiondlTE Handles User IDs and Passwords for secured video sitesdlTE Allows port selection if necessarydlTE Does automatic port selection for internet webcams when their URL has been entereddlTE Allows Secured Socket Layer (SSL, i.e., https) secure network access if necessarydlTE Works best with HandyAvidlTE Make time-lapse moviesdlTE Make motion-detect moviesdlTE Also works with VirtualDub, WebcamXP, Windows Media Encoder, etc.dlTE Support for multiple cameras is now available!

The AZcendant IP Camera Filter is a ...

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  • IPCamFilter
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  • AZcendant
  • Win All
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