H264bitstream v.0.1.6


h264bitstream project provides a complete set of functions to read and write video streams conforming to the ITU H264 (MPEG4-AVC) video standard. The main design goal is to provide a complete, fully standards-compliant library for reading and writing H264 bitstreams. Reading and writing headers (sequence and picture parameter sets, slice headers, etc.) is fully implemented. Enhancements: - initial support for SEI - rbsp_to_nal and nal_ro_rbsp conversion functions callable from the outside (also allows using any *_rbsp function directly as long as the appropriate conversion is performed) - support for access unit delimiters (AUD) - many constants with special meanings now have their own defines, and also print out a description in debug_* - correct handling on single slice type-only slices (slice_type >= 5), both for reading and writing - full support for files larger than 2GB in h264_analyze - output of h264_analyze and debug_* functions uses decimal instead of hex (most cases) - fix for cases in which no nal is found in entire buffer in h264_analyze - inline many bs_* functions using portable "static inline" syntax - slice data read/write (work in progress, not yet functional) - fixed writing with emulation_prevention_t

h264bitstream project provides a complete set ...

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