Tag That Photo v.3.3.22340.1


Tag That Photo truly automates the task of photo organization with its patented face recognition technology that tags faces with fewer errors and faster than industry leaders, including Microsoft and Google. Automating the face tagging process saves tons of time.

Tag That Photo starts by scanning each photo to find every face. With some face recognition wizardry, a unique facecode is generated for each one. As you add face tags to each unique face, Tag That Photo quickly & accurately matches it to other photos of the same person. Finding favorite treasured photos is infinitely easier with Tag That Photo's powerful search function. Choose to search by date, person's name, keyword tags, file name, file type or a combination.

Concerned about the number of photos you have? Tag That Photo adds order to your super-sized photo library. Its processor is designed to scan hundreds, or hundreds of thousands of images with speed and accuracy. This is especially important upon the initial scan. Fewer photos take less time, more photos take a bit more. Either way, Tag That Photo is an industry leader, indexing your photos quickly and more accurately than others in the face recognition space.

For importing, you've probably discovered many photo management apps are unable to import existing tags. Tag That Photo values the countless hours you've spent tagging your favorite photos. It simply doesn't make sense to us to lose such an investment of time and effort. Tag That Photo's Personal and Family Plan subscriptions process and import existing Picasa, Windows Photo Gallery and Fotobounce tags accurately. Future releases will enable easy importing from other photo organization applications.

Your online privacy is our priority. Tag That Photo keeps everything local on your computer by default. This includes people, faces, keywords - you name it. We do not collect identifiable subscriber data, outside of your email address and we are not selling any data to third parties.

Photo organization using face recognition. Tag That Photo is a Windows desktop app for photo enthusiasts seeking accurate, automated face recognition technology to organize and find favorite photos. Import Picasa tags, manage large libraries - even protect your privacy with Tag That Photo.

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  • Tag That Photo
  • 3.3.22340.1
  • 05 Dec 22
  • Tag That Photo Inc.
  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server, Windows Other
  • Freeware
  • 69.92 Mb
  • 4314
  • Free
Latest Versions History
Version Date Released Release Notes
3.3.22340.1 05.12.2022 New face detector that is faster and more accurate.
 New export faces feature that allows users to create a JPEG image from every face tagged for a Person. This can be used to create cool productions like GIFs and Collages.
2.4.20100.1 10.04.2020 Bug fixes and improvements.
2.1 30.10.2019 Batch tagging: apply keywords to multiple photos with one click Compatible metadata: view, share and organize metadata keywords and face tags created in Tag That Photo with popular photo editing software Enhanced geo-tagging: assign locations more precisely to a single image or a batch of images
1.2 21.08.2019 In this build: - stability improvements. - The Photo Viewer allows for batch tagging of images - Photo viewer allows modification of image date - Photo Viewer allows modification of image description - Names can optionally be written to IPTC fields - Face tags now written in MS format

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