Special Agent P. C. Secure v.1.0

Firewall - Spyware Monitor and Remover- Encryption messagesHide & Encrypt files - Connection Monitor - File Shredder - IP Research Center - Phishing Detecting Browser - More * Don't rely on your browser or spyware cleaner to protect you from Phishing and Malware. * Don't expect Windows to protect your passwords and personal information. * Don't expect your anti-virus software to protect you from Key loggers and Hijackers * Don't rely on emptying the Recycle Bin to get rid of your private & personal files * Don't rely Windows to protect your financial documents * Don't rely on just your firewall to stop Send Home software and Drive By downloadsHow Secure is Your Computer? Every hacker knows exactly where to look in your Registry for your passwords and private information. PC Secure hides and encrypts your password where hacker cannot find them. Most hackers know where you store your financial and personal files at. That information is in the Registry. Phishing is now the number one threat to you on the Internet. Phishing does not having be just a email sent to you; it can be placed on your computer. This is called Farming. Did you know that if malware tells your computer the IP Address to your bank is (google.com); that you will go to google when you click on your shortcut to your bank. PC Secure can help you spot a Phishing site before you get scammed. Its' up to date database and monitor can spot known sites before you can press a button on your keyboard. And when your not sure, PC Secure comes with a complete IP Address research Center. It can even tell you the alias for a site. Special Agent PC Secure even allows you to tell it what IP Address is safe. This way if you go to your bank and do not see the PC Secure trusted sign, you can investigate. with its/ IP Research Center. Your browser and anti-virus software cannot protect you from new Trojans being downloaded without your knowledge. Special Agent PC Secure can with its real time monitor. Even if malware try's to crash the computer, PC Secure can delete it before you can get back into Windows. Special Agent PC Secure can protect you from identity thief and your financial and your personal information, from phishers, hijackers, Trojans, Spyware, Adware, key loggers and even other users of your PC. Protects you from Internet Intruders with its' strict configurable Firewall Protects you from Spyware, Adware, Hijackers, and Trojans, being downloaded to your machine, with its' Malware monitor and Remover. Protects you from Phishing and back door sites, with its' Phishing Detector, it's database is updated whenever a new site is reported. PC Secure tells you when you are on a site that is known to download malware (Drive By Downloads) onto your computer without your knowledge. PC Secure has a fool proof Phishing Browser, verifies the IP address, IP owner, URL Aliases. Even when you use your own browser it can still spot one. Tells you who owns the Domain, the IP address, and what country the site you're currently visiting is in. Protects you from hackers, spies, and Key loggers stealing your passwords, with its encryption tools. Protects your private files by hiding them and encrypting them. Even you will not be able to find them until PC Secure un-encrypts and un-hides them for you. Protects your privacy by shredding files instead of putting them in the Recycle Bin. Protects private messages such as email through encryption, so only you and the individual you give the key to can read them. Tells you if a program is trying to send home information without your knowledge. Can locks down your computer from the outside world in just 1 second. Special Agent PC Secure, has 3 different encryption tools. PC Secure has a Phishing detecting browser with ultra high security. PC Secure has 4 different full time monitors, and a Firewall that watches for intruders. Two Spyware Removers, one real time cleaner that removes them before they install and one deep scanner that scans automatically once a day. Special Agent PC Secure comes with 10 utilities, that are commonly needed to repair damage done by Adware, Spyware, and other Malware. 1. Repair Icons - fixes Icons that have been disassociated with there file. 2. File Compression - You can Compress or Expand a file 3. Clear Startup Group - Quickly disable all startup program and restart them. (Great for installing software) 4. Delete a File - When Windows cannot delete it, this tool can 5. Prints a list of files in any folder, even if they are hidden 6. Clean Font Folder - removes duplicate Fonts and hidden malware 7. Install a Windows File - if a file has been deleted or replaced 8. System Configuration Utility - Quick access to MSconfig 9. Set User & Computer Names - reset the names at a click of a mouse 10. Set System Time - Reads the time from US Navy Dept and resets the system

Firewall - Spyware Monitor and Remover- ...

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  • Special Agent P. C. Secure
  • 1.0
  • Easy Desk Software
  • WinXP, Win2003, Win2000, Win Vista, Windows 7
  • Shareware
  • 6.94 Mb
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