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MIDI Normalizer application is a batch editor for MIDI files.If you have hundreds of midi files and find it annoying that, when playing the files, the volume level is very different for every file, MIDI Normalizer automates the process of leveling the volume, just like that normalizer you already have for normalizing your MP3 collection.Here are some key features of "MIDI Normalizer":dlTE Normalizing - set all note velocity values and volume controllers to a common predefined valuedlTE Compressing - I found out that it isn't always enough to just normalize the file. In some cases, a midifile has velocity values between 60 and 100, easy to normalize to values between 80 and 120. But if the velocity values are ranging from lets say 20 to 127, then there's no room left for normalizing, and all low values will stay too low. The solution: compressing the velocity values. So there's a build in compressor, that can first compress all velocity values before normalizing is applied.dlTE Automix - If you spend months of work to remix your files for your keyboard X, but now you bought a brand new "super deluxe" keyboard Y, only to find out that all guitar sounds are too low, and all bass sounds are too loud, then you should take a closer look at the automix function. It allows you to add or subtract a predefined volume value per instrument. This function will also make you happy if you're playing in a combo with f.i. a bass player, guitar player and a singer, and therefore all bass and guitar tracks should be muted from all midifiles.dlTE ChannelMute - Speaking about a singer, lot's of midifiles do contain a lead vocal track on MIDI channel 4. It would be very useful to be able to mute channel 4 to get rid of these vocal tracks. That is possible with the "ChannelMute" function.dlTE Extracting lyrics - If the midifile contains songlyrics, you can extract these lyrics and save them to a text file.dlTE Creating tracksheets - The software collects information about every midifile while scanning the files. You can optionally save this information to a textfile.dlTE Creating playlists - When you have added midifiles from different folders, you can easely save the created filelist to a playlist. Very useful when you want to play a list created by yourself. Even more useful when you have processed your files, and afterwards would like to redo the processing because the process settings were not optimal.dlTE Built in MIDI player - There's a basic midiplayer included to play the selected files from the filelist.

MIDI Normalizer application is a batch editor ... Batch editor for MIDI files ...

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