InTone | Keys Pro v.1.2.0


inTone | Keys Pro 1.2.0 is released to be an effective and helpful utility which turns your computer into a keyboard kingdom. And you will be the king! inTone | Keys: Opens software synthesizers and effects for live playback.Benefits: inTuitive controlYou start selecting sounds and once you are familiar with inTone, you create your own sounds.Easy access to new sound banks published by other users on the web.One-click recording. Recorded files are automatically added to the playlist. One-click playback of the recorded performances.inTegrationinTone can cooperate with other programs. For instance, it opens iTunes playlists (version 1.1 and higher), it connects to ReWire Device applications such as Reason etc.inFinite expandabilityinTone opens bundled effects as well as 3rd party instruments and effects. If you like any sound from the competitive software solution, you can use it in inTone.inTone has a low latency audio engine. So the delay between when you hit a key and hear the generated sound is very short: you won't recognize it.Play simultaneously with your favorite artists. Slow down playback to ease your practising. Add any music contents to inTone playlists.inVentionWith inTone you can create sounds you wouldn't be able to achieve with any other software or hardware. You can experiment and easily compare the results of your work with the results of others.inStant setup changes: One click, one MIDI command or one keystroke canChange one scheme of instruments, effects, aux and master effects for another, completely different oneSet presets for all the software effects and instrumentsSet parameters of all effects and instrumentsSet mixer levels for instruments, set the aux send and aux return levelsSend MIDI Program Changes to all external instruments, effect processors, mixers and other hardware devices, controllable by MIDI.Connect MIDI keyboards to the software instruments and external hardware instruments with all zones and layers.Set up MIDI controller assignments.inExpensive solution: inTone is very good value for the given price. This software offers an unlimited number of sound combinations for the price of several MIDI cables. Major Features:8 instrument slots8 software instruments36 effects includedReWire connection - allows you to add ReWire applications to your setup.Simultaneous Record & Play, so you can layer your recordings.Records many file formats on Mac - AAC, Apple Lossless etc.More layers and MIDI connectionsRequirements: Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Windows VistaIntel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon 64 or newer processor. Some 3rd party effects and instruments require a faster processor.50 MB on hard diskScreen resolution at least 1024x768, recommended 1280x1024 and moreASIO compatible audio interface

inTone | Keys Pro 1.2.0 is released to be an ...

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  • InTone | Keys Pro
  • 1.2.0
  • Audiffex
  • Windows XP , Vista
  • Demo
  • 8.4 Mb
  • 139
  • $149.00

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