Cheetah3D v.5.6


Cheetah3D 5.6 brings you a flexible and professional 3D modelling, rendering and animation software for Apple Mac OS X.Cheetah3D provides the most useful features you need to get the job done, and organizes them within a beautifully elegant user interface that's powerful, intuitive and quick to work with. Performing truly advanced operations in Cheetah3D will seem like second nature very rapidly. Cheetah3D provides a level of productivity that you will be hard pressed to equal in software ten times the cost!Major Features:GENERAL FEATURESWritten from the ground-up in Cocoa!Universal Binary application64-bit version for Intel MacsHighly intuitive, thoroughly Macintosh-like user interfaceOpenGL previewQuad 3D viewCustomisable UI layoutAlmost all parameters can be animatedPolygons can have any number of edges (ngons)Full set of object, polygon and point selection toolsFull transformation hierarchyAdditional features can be assigned to objects using tagsIntuitive editors for objects, materials and propertiesUp to 16 different materials per meshA Fully integrated, multi-threaded rendererDrag and drop materials onto your polygon selectionsLink external 3D files into the sceneMulti object selectionCharacter animation toolsSnappingCustomisable hot keysCustomisable mouse controlsCustomisable toolbarSCENE OBJECTSCamerasPoint LightsArea LightsDistant LightsSpot LightsFoldersSmart FoldersJointMODIFIER OBJECTSArrayBulgeBuildDisplaceRingShearSpherifySubdivide (Catmull-Clark, Stam-Loop, Linear)SymmetryTaperTransformTwistWarpPARAMETRIC POLYGON OBJECTSPolygon object (ngon support)CubeBallConeDiscPlanePolyhedra ( [truncated] Tetra-, Octa-, Dedeca- and Icosahedra)CylinderTorusTubeStairRelief (height field)PARAMETRIC SPLINE OBJECTSSpline Curve (linear, Bezier curve, Bezier spline, NURBS)CircleRectStarCogFlowern-EdgeHelixText (through any installed True Type Font)CREATOR OBJECTSLatheSweepExtrude (great for 3D-Fonts)PolyplaneSymmetryChain (create chains with just a few mouse clicks)Boolean operationsA union BA substract BA intersect BA outside BA inside BTAGSHDRI tagRadiosity tagRender tagMode tagSpline Tracking tagTarget tagUV tagSkeleton tagMorph tagIK Angle Constraint tagIK Point Constraint tagSCRIPTINGUses the Javascript language " leverage your existing knowledge of JavaScript to automate Cheetah3D!Uses the rock solid JavascriptCore which is also used by SafariJIT compiler for ultra fast script executiongenerate your own objectswrite custom file loaders and exporterswrite your own toolsautomate repetitive tasksANIMATION TOOLSKey Frame AnimationAuto-KeyingFly Through Animations along splinesAlmost every object, tag or material property can be animated!Powerful time lineF-Curve editorKey editorVarious key interpolation typesLinearSmoothBezier splineFlatForward kinematics (FK)Inverse kinematics (IK)Constraints (Angle/Point)Pose ManagerTake ManagerOpenGL animation previewSPLINE TOOLSCreate splineInsert pointSoft interpolationHard interpolationEqual tangent directionEqual tangent lengthJoin segmentsBreak segmentReverse sequenceMirrorSet valueQuantizeBurn transformImport childFULL SET OF POLYGON TOOLSPolygon, edge and point modeSet and Reset creaseCreate polygonFill holeBridgeInsert pointMagnetExtrudeInner extrude (point/edge/polygon)ShellJigsawScalpelRing cutWeldMove, Scale and Rotate points, edges and polygonsMove, Scale and Rotate along normalRotate edgeCollapse polygonFlip normalsTriangulate polygonsArraySplitCloneMirrorSeparateCrumpleSet valueQuantizeBurn transformImport childPoint slideCoverCatmull- Clark Subdivide (partial or full mesh, with creases)Linear Subdivide (partial or full mesh)UV TOOLSPowerful UV EditorVarious selection typesMove, Scale and RotateSave UV Mesh to PDFLSCM UV UnwrappingAutoseamDifferent mapping typessphericcubiccylindricflatfrontalTEXTURE PAINTINGLive OpenGL preview of paintingBrushRubberFillRectCircleLineVarious brush typesSupports solid and texture coloursSupport for pressure sensitive graphic tabletsPaint displacement and relief maps with live 3D previewCHARACTER ANIMATIONLive OpenGL preview of skinned meshesJoint toolVertex weight paintingRENDERERFully integrated ray-tracerMulti-threaded to support up to 16 CPU coresPowerful node based material systemMany procedural textures and materialsHDRI backgrounds (probe, cross and panorama format)ambient occlusion for fast image based lightning (IBL)radiosity for indirect diffuse illuminationcausticsadaptive antialiasing (over- and under-sampling)anisotropic EWA texture filteringtexture bakinglightmap bakingenvironment mappingbump mappingfogblurred reflections and refractionsray traced depth of fieldray traced shadowscoloured shadowsexact soft shadows via arearay traced refraction (with fresnel term)ray traced reflectionpanorama projectionFILE FORMATS3D import:.3ds.dxf (quite limited yet).fbx.lwo.obj.sia.stl (binary and ASCII).jas (binary and ASCII)3D export:.3dmf.3ds.dxf.fbx.h (C header files).obj.mtl.sia.stl (binary and ASCII).jas (binary and ASCII)2D import/exportmany common file formats (.jpg, .tiff, .png, .exr etc.)import SVG path dataimport PDF path dataexport to .hdrexport to .epxexport to the Mac OS X icon file format (.icns)Movie export:all QuickTime supported codecsOther:Copy & paste paths from EazyDraw to Cheetah3DCopy & paste paths from Intaglio to Cheetah3DLOCALIZATIONSEnglishJapaneseGermanEnhancements:Completely rewritten transform tool Support for multiple object selectionsAdd path through selection for all selection modesAdded gadget modeTransform gadget can be moved to any position before transformationTransform gadget can snap to any component (point, edge, polygon, uv coords, spline tangents, etc.)Transform gadget can be aligned to polygon, edge and point selectionsAdded support for post- and pre-rotationsMuch improved snappingComponent snappingSurface snappingRaster snappingTweak mode can be accessed with alt+shift -key (when selection is empty)Added new hot keys for fast access to new transform tool featuresTransform - snapping offTransform - component snappingTransform - surface snappingTransform - raster snappingTransform - gadget modeTransform tool is now the default tool when opening new documentTransform tool gets automatically selected when adding a new object to the sceneIncreased control selection accuracyAdded auto-highlighting to uv transform toolAdjusted the uv transform tool to fit the 3d transform toolAdded support for the following video codecs too render manager TiffJpegJpeg2000H.263H.264Mpeg4M-jpeg aM-jpeg bPixletUncompressed Added joint orient toolAdded auto-highlighting for splinesImproved svg importImproved collada export (added geometry triangulation)Improved fbx exporter (exports creator application and version number)Improved point auto-highlighting sensitivitySelected objects are now drawn with wire frameImproved object selection accuracyAdded object renaming to object browserAdded keyboard navigation to object browser Up & down arrows scroll list verticallyLeft & right arrows fold/unfold one level of hierarchy beneath current objectAlt + left/right arrows folds/unfolds all levels of hierarchy beneath the current objectShift + up/down arrows extend selection Added parent constraintChanged color scheme for splinesDoubled levels of undo to 64Changed joint selection/sub-selection colorChanged line-width of opengl preview to 1.0Changed default field of view to 40°Improved fractal, turbulence and noise nodesImproved .hdr loading efficiencyAccelerated editing of animations with thousands of keysAccelerated quad view editingFixed a many typosFixed registration bug when preferences file was write protectedFixed jerky particle animation bugFixed pivot point bug in light objectFixed material export bug in fbx exporterFixed script tag loading bugFixed bug in split toolFixed bug in collaps toolFixed bug in sky lightFixed crashing bug when using wrong parameter names in javascript apiFixed display bug in symmetry creator objectFixed crashing bug while rendering animationsFixed redraw bug in object browserFixed keys copy&paste bugFixed texture filtering bugFixed bug that allowed editing materials while rendering an animationFixed bug in uvmapper tool (centering didn't work properly)Fixed bug in flip normal toolFixed clipping bug in ruler toolFixed bug in javascript file:write() functionFixed bug in timelineFixed redraw bug in split toolFixed bug in hard interpolate spline toolFixed material drag and drop bugFixed bug when rendering objects with negative scaleFixed clipped point light bugFixed bug in edge selectionFixed bug with unwrap tool hot-keyFixed crashing bug during activationFixed bug in heat weighting toolFixed rendering bug with fog and transparent objectsFixed 2 bugs in bevel toolFixed crashing bug in reverse sequence toolRequirements:Mac OS X 10.4G3/G4/G5/Intel processor16 MB VRAMInternet connection

Cheetah3D 5.6 brings you a flexible and ...

  • Cheetah3D
  • 5.6
  • Martin Wengenmayer
  • Mac OS X 10.5 or later
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