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ArtSongd-OC?D? is a versatile MIDI-based algorithmic music composition system suitable for both serious composers and casual users. d-deD? Compose and harmonize melodies.d-deD? Compose countermelodies and d-de?counterpointd-deOao.d-deD? Generate chord progressions.d-deD? Generate bass parts.d-deD? Compose chord pads and accompaniment patterns.d-deD? Control musical form and thematic sequence.d-deD? Compose a variety of harmonic and rhythmic support parts.Features:d-deD? Define multiple musical segments for the overall project and/or individual MIDI tracks and apply different generational algorithms and composition properties to each.d-deD? Combine generative algorithms like Text to MIDI, Image to MIDI, Mandelbrot/Julia Set, Iterated Function System and Quadratic Attractors, etc. with more traditional pattern-generation, instrumental texture control, thematic sequencing, phrasing, and cadencing functions.d-deD? Specify or algorithmically generate scales and chord progressions as well as control how individual track pitches adhere to those harmonic constraints.d-deD? Apply contours, envelopes, ramp function, fourier curves, and several different types of probability distributions to over 100 different composition variables controlling note probabilities, volumes, articulations, chord root progessions, and much more.d-deD? Save configuration settings for reuse as project templates or component presets.d-deD? Create custom basic or pascal scripts for composition and editing.d-deD? Output your compositions as standard MIDI files for import into your favorite digital audio workstation (DAW) for final production.

ArtSongd-OC?D? is a versatile MIDI-based ...

function, contours, control

  • ArtSong for Windows
  • Digital Expressions
  • WinXP, Win Vista, Windows 7
  • Shareware
  • 13.2 Mb
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