Andrew',s Plug-ins Collection v.1.3.6


Andrew's Plug-ins Collection 1.3.6 offers a useful and feature - rich program that is packed with 180 Plug-in collection for Photoshop (R) + Paint Shop Pro (R) + Painter + Photo-Paint (TM) PC and many other applications .Moreover,the plug-in set involves all twenty volumes of Andrew's Plug-ins set (not to be confused with Andrew's filters series.. they are not the same).Major Features:Plug-ins for color effects plug-ins + patterns plug-ins + sketch plug-ins + gradient effects plug-ins + tiling plug-in + op art patterns + noise plug-ins + gray scale plug-in + digital photography plug-ins + threshold plug-ins + black n white plug-ins + contrast effects + edge plug-ins + camera shudder plug-ins + emboss plug-ins + design plug-ins + distortions plug-ins + paint plug-ins + surreal color effects + blurs and smears plug-ins and many more : basically millions and millions of effects.Each plug-in has in addition 77 or more different output modes so the effect can be generated inverted or color wrapped or dark edged or more + 18 effects modes (generates a blur or smear or grain effect etc based on the effect to create zillions of great variant imagery) + transparency modes (use with a layer to create the effect on a layer and then apply layer effects etc or transformations to that - great for frames and overlays or buttons).The plug-ins all come with presets (a large collection has been included) as well as how tos and much more.The plug-in set works with most applications such as Photoshop / Paint Shop Pro (R) Photo X2 X1 X 9 8 / painter / photo-paint / photoImpact / Canvas and many more without any additional dlls etc.Adobe and Photoshop are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated.

Andrew's Plug-ins Collection 1.3.6 offers a ...

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