Good fast viewer, can to see music and video files. Convenient for work with Explorer and Windows (Total) Commander. How to see all photo, video, music in folder or disk, with what the deep level of investments was not? Click "My computer" (Explorer), and select necessary folder or disk, and click it RIGHT button mouse, and select "Browse with AistXSearch"... and see all picture, video, music selected formats in desirable sorting! Easy intergrared also in Windows (Total) Commander. Is developed a lot of graphic viewers, but presently new approaches are required also. The volumes of hard disks grow, number of a photo, video, music on them frequently measured in hundreds both thousands, and the number of folders is measured by large numbers. The transitions on folders become tiresome. It is difficult to find, for example, increasing photos, or all last photos, or photo, video, music and pictures for the certain period of time. Distinctive feature of the program is that alongside with traditional viewing of a photo on folders the program has and essentially new opportunities. The program AistXSearch allows to SEE at once ALL PHOTO in a folder and ALL her SUBFOLDERS, with what the deep level of investments was not. Or to see all photo on a disk in any convenient sorting - on a name, on expansion, on the size, by date of creation. At desire it is possible to set restriction on the minimal and maximal sizes, to set a range of time of creation of a file and so on. Besides AistXSearch has powerful, flexible and easy in use of function of magnify. The photo can be magnified in a Rectangular of Interests, in a point, or wholly, and to do(make) it in BLinear or NearestNeighborhood modes, easily being switched between by them. All these functions especially are irreplaceable at viewing a photo and pictures, saved in Temporary Internet Files, where the names usually speak about the contents of a photo slightly.

Good fast viewer, can to see music and video ...

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