AMS Audio Masking System v.1.00


The AMS audio masking system is a free tool that uses a Windows PC to create pink noise tones.The AMS audio masking system is a free tool that uses a Windows PC to create pink noise tones to assist to 'mask' confidential sensitive background conversations. Typically AMS is used in waiting rooms to reduce the ability to overhear confidential conversions but it can also be used as a security device to prevent the interception of sensitive conversations.A sound will always mask a background sound. However the problem with most sounds is that the masking only occurs at the sound's frequencies which, with for example music, is rarely all frequencies and never the same as voice. The listen hears the background conversation 'through' the gaps in bands of the music.Pink noise is a sound that sounds a bit like the sea and has all frequencies combined together. AMS creates Modified Pink Noise, pink noise with a spectrum most similar to voice. This is proven to be the most effective sound to prevent hearing background conversations. So just like a background conversation would be less likely to be overheard at the sea, a background conversion is less likely to be overheard when AMS is playing. The added advantage of pink noise, like the sound of the sea, is that while you notice the sound when it first turns on after a short while the brain 'turns it off' so you stop noticing it. The masking effect however continues.You only need a fairly soft sound to dramatically reduce the intelligibility of background conversations. In more severe cases you can combine AMS with dynamic-range compressed music (you can use the BMS Business Music System).Install AMS on any Windows PC with a sound card. Move the computer speakers to between the conversation and potential listeners and adjust the volume (very soft noise can be effective). AMS will automatically start when you turn on your computer and runs in the background 24/7. You can continue to use your PC as normal while AMS sits on the task bar tray.

The AMS audio masking system is a free tool ...

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  • AMS Audio Masking System
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