AMD Catalyst Software Suite for Windows XP 32-bit v.11.4


This release of ATI Catalyst™ provides full OpenGL™ 3.0 extension support. The following is a list of OpenGL™ 3.0 extensions added in Catalyst 9.1: - ARB_framebuffer_object - ARB_half_float_vertex - ARB_texture_rg - EXT_texture_array - EXT_texture_integer - EXT_transform_feedback - NV_conditional_render - WGL/GLX_create_context (for new 3.0 contexts) - GLSL 1.3 - ARB_color_buffer_float - ARB_vertex_array_object - EXT_draw_buffers2 Resolved Issues for Windows Vista and Windows XP Operating Systems - "Move to Monitor" option does not work for some Open GL application - Playing back MPEG2 files may fail to respond when task switching between virtual desktops in extended desktop mode - Restoring to factory default, Catalyst Control Center may become unresponsive when multidesktop is enabled - Catalyst Control Center: display index number are not the same as Displays Manager in Graphics Settings - Catalyst Control Center: Some Catalyst text labels may be missing "General Settings Option" under Windows Traditional Chinese - Catalyst Control Center: System may become unresponsive when uninstalling Hydravision package with all HV aspects checked in multi adapter configurations - Catalyst Control Center: Enabling "Enable Desktop Manager" and "Enable Multi Desktop" will cause the following to be displayed in the Windows Task Manager HydraDM64 and HydraMD64 - Catalyst Control Center: Preparing Help dialog window will come up in English on other localized Windows operating systems - About Catalyst Control Center window may display some text corruption, when launched from the system tray - Catalyst Control Center stops working when skin is changed to Quicksilver Resolved Issues for the Windows XP Operating System This section provides information on resolved issues in this release of the ATI Catalyst™ Software Suite for Windows XP. These include: - Catalyst Control Center Runtime does not restart automatically after HydraVision installation in Windows XP - Catalyst Control Center: Hydravision tab is not shown in limited user accounts for Windows XP 64 bit - Test corruption may be noticed when display is rotated to Left (90 ccw) in resolutions greater than 1600 x 1200 - Playing back some HD MPEG2 videos will either shows black or show a reduced Overlay Theater mode on the secondary display - TV may fail to display an image after installing the display driver with an HD-TV connected using DVI-HDMI adapter - Video corruption may be noticed with some DVI monitors during a mode switch - On some systems the following ATI warning dialog may be displayed after a system restore "Not enough displays to enable driver. Add another display device and try again. - Unable to install SMBus driver on ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics with ATI graphic card and integrated graphics disabled Known Issues Under the Windows XP Operating System The following section provides a summary of open issues that may be experienced under the Windows XP operating system in the latest version of Catalyst™. These include: - Only 2 channel audio is heard when playing back multichannel (Dolby 5.1.DTS) audio through HDMI connector


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