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Make Your Slide Shows Look Professional With AquaSoft SlideShow Blue Net Software

If you are looking to produce some of the best slideshows to make your official or business promotion effective, then you can easily bank on the best software that is currently available in the market and that is AquaSoft SlideShow Blue Net tool. This software is just not a professional slideshow tool alone, but it will help you to make high quality movie DVDs, Blu-Ray discs and full HD movies as well as is a photo creation tool. The best part is that the Aquasoft SlideShow Blue Net Software will help you to make slideshows and movies that can be used on various media player devices like iPods, DVDs, YouTube and so on. There are a host of features and special effects that are available in the software that will help you to create some of the most unique and custom made slide shows and photos very easily and at a rapid pace.

Dynamic Features Of The Software
Burn CDs And DVDs: AquaSoft SlideShow Blue Net software will provide you a one stop solution to play your show that you have recorded either on TV or your PC and all you need is just a few clicks of your mouse button to get the desired video format of your movie or the video that you have shot. Moreover, the software also provides you with the option of presenting your slideshows in high definition video formats that supports AVI or WMV formats.

Image Editing And Formats: The merged image editor in AquaSoft SlideShow Blue Net software is non-destructive, since your master copy picture stays uninfluenced and unaltered. Whatever edits that is carried out like crops; special effects and so on are preserved in your display and utilized during replay. This way you are able to edit out and heighten pictures and reuse them in distinct locates, all without modifying your master copy. As the software supports more than 50 of the most popular image formats like jpeg, jpg, png, tiff and so on, you will have a lot more options while converting your photos and other images into well defined images. EXIF-data are the supplementary technical particulars that are stacked away along with a photo. AquaSoft SlideShow software permits you to assort your pictures by exposure date, as an example or exhibit EXIF-data jointly with the picture.

Music And Sounds: Music and vocalization tracks can be replayed on a lot of tracks all of a sudden. At once, producing a clamor of noise, or a pleasing musical harmony, is just a matter of picking out the voices or music to ADHD to the tracks. Because of the multi-track timeline, a background music option can be enforced to the full-length slideshow, autonomous of divided audios and/or subtitles employed to icons. You will be able to assign loudness, length, fade in and fade away, and modulations for each sound piece.

Movies From Still Shots: AquaSoft SlideShow Blue Net software provides you the option of creating good and neat movies from still shots with the wide ambit of tools and effects that the software has. You will be able to zoom into an image, pan crossways to savor a bird's eye view of the image. Then, arrange it in apparent motion along a predefined or tailor-made apparent motion course, producing a cinematic animation that is certainly to be a smasher! When your output is accomplished, effortlessly burn it to videodisk with the spontaneous and easy dealing software package.

Add Images And Video Clips In SlideShows: You can take your creativeness to the next level with the AquaSoft SlideShow Blue Net software as you will be able to easily insert both image as well as video clips in the slide shows very easily and then use the creative tools like cross fade, crop, cut and other edit options in order to liven up your slide shows.

Adding Number Of Videos And Images: You will be able to easily misrepresent your videos by actuating them around and orchestrating them with the timeline. There is no limitation to the amount of video recording clips you are able to stick in. Watching and delivering images is likewise rather easy with AquaSoft SlideShow, and while you employ manifold images simultaneously, your displays are full of life and impressive. You are not bounded to utilizing merely one picture at one time as you have the option to arrange them in montages, animate them, and blend them to produce cracking illusory impacts.

The most comprehensive three in one solution software that will help you to create slide shows, make video DVDs and HD formats as well as is an excellent photo creation tool. Moreover, the option to make you own custom presentations very easily and quickly makes it one of the best software in its class at present.

The free trial period of the AquaSoft SlideShow Blue Net software is just limited to a maximum of thirty days and the software is loaded with so many features that this free period is too short to try out all the features.

If you would like to play back your slide shows in most advanced quality and to show it on your on the PC or through a beamer or burn off a DVD disc, then AquaSoft SlideShow Blue Net software tool is the perfect choice that will help you to achieve all that you are looking for in a matter of few minutes.

Publisher's Description

SlideShow Blue Net is a professional slide show software, movie maker and fotoshow creation tool. Create professional slide shows without any trade-offs for Blu-ray-Disc, DVD, Full-HD video, for Beamer, Internet, PC and mobile devices. Rotate pictures, collages, particles and texts, set transitions and zoom effects, animate flying pictures using camera pans and movement paths. New! integrate your own video clips. Stack and animate pictures with transparency. More than 100 text effects with Unicode support for exotic languages and fonts. Story board and timeline bring structure in your shows. The SlideShow-Master creates slide shows from theme presets in 3 clicks. The new support for multi-core processors puts some heat on your show. The direcX support boosts the performance. Where other programmes stop, SlideShow Blue Net takes off and it is easy to handle, nevertheless. Burn the high definition slideshow directly on Blu-ray-Disc, complying with all ongoing standards (i.e. AVCHD, WMV-Video,h.264,MKV,MP4,MOV,MTS).Sort your photos, music and sounds in the timeline with unlimited number of tracks, or gain an overview with the story board. Create parallel sequences and collages. For example, three images may fly over the screen at once, while a camera pan runs in the background and your film title that rolls onto the screen. Use animated transparency effects for images and texts. Dub your photos via microphone. Chapters help structure even large slide shows. Use EXIF-Data from the images of your digital camera for sorting and editing your photos, e.g. the capture date, time and more. Replay your slide shows in highest quality and great solution on the PC or through a beamer or burn a DVD using the integrated burn engine. Example slide shows and extensive step-by-step tutorials will familiarize you with the vast functionality of AquaSoft SlideShow Blue Net.

SlideShows w. videos, music on Blu-ray, PC. Professional slideshows for Blu-ray, DVD, Beamer, Internet, PC. effects like flying pictures, rotation, transitions, zoom, camera pans and movement paths. Text effects. Full-HD output, timeline with 1000 tracks. Integrate video clips. Burning engine.

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