Uticasoft Image Browser Arctic v.5.0 build 10


Image Browser Arctic is a multi-functional graphic viewer for Windows.*View images quickly and comfortably*Create self-deploying slide shows using hundreds of different transition effects*Secure/lock your images using 128-bit encryption*Manage your own Favorites Archive*Built-in icon extractor*Batch conversion, resize images*Multiple viewing modes - Full screen, thumbnail, normal view, etc*Easy to work with*no ads, no spyware. 100% freeware*Did you know?: Uticasoft Image Browser Arctic was the first image viewer world-wide to support stand-alone slide shows.IBA Tools / FunctionsHere is a list of the most commonly used functions in Image Browser Arctic.Thumbnail supportView multiple images at the same time via the Thumbnail tab. DirectImageAs you browse through Windows Explorer, DirectImage will automatically detect any supported images types and display them to you in thumb-nail format. Double clicking the thumbnail will allow you to resize the image. Slide ShowCreate your own memorable slides using the Slide Show feature. You can create a slide that changes in accordance to a timer (which you can set) or by you simply mouse-clicking and going to the next slide. Once you are done creating your slide show, you can create a self-deploying file and send your slide show to your friends or family without the need of Image Browser Arctic being installed on their system. Web page loaderYou can load a web page and display only the images that are on the page that you specify. This can come in handy if what you care about is just the images on the page or if you are a web master and want to verify that your image links are working properly. Scan hard drive for imagesAre images hiding on you? With the Scan function, you can scan and detect images in a specified folder even if the file extension is not a valid image type. For example, if you rename MyPicture.JPG to MyPicture.TXT, Windows no longer assumes it's a JPG file, right? Using the scan, MyPicture.TXT will be detected as an image because it contains image data that is viewable. Icon ExtractorThis function allows you to find, display and save icons that are hidden in DLL and EXE files. Favorites ArchiveHave certain images that you look at very frequently? Add them to the Favorites Archive! That way, you don't have to navigate through sub folders to find the image you want. Just look for it in your Favorites! BookmarksIn the same way that you can manage your favorite images, you can also add your favorite folders to your bookmarks. This is just one of the ways you can view images quicker! OrganizerAre your images scattered around your hard drive? You can use the Organizer function to move or copy files from one folder to another using a source/destination type interface. Encryption / DecryptionProtect your images and files using 128-bit encryption. This type of security exceeds password protection. Viewing mode: Original RatioIf you are viewing an image with a high resolution, use Original Ratio to view the image without stretching the image in anyway. Scroll through the image with no loss in quality. Viewing mode: Stretch ModeIf you want to resize the image, use this function. Take note that stretching smaller images can cause the image to look awkward because they contain fewer pixels. This function works best with larger images. Viewing mode: Full ScreenThe Full Screen mode will cover your whole screen and display the image that you specify. If the image is larger than your screen resolution, the image will automatically resize to fit your screen. If you'd prefer it not to resize, use Original Ratio mode. Converting imagesYou can convert images to BMP JPG JP2 ICO TIF TGA PCX PNG GIF or Grayscale. When saving as a JPG file, you have the option to set the compression rate of the file. For example, you can compress a 2MB BMP file to a 60 KB JPG with this function, as an example. Depending on the image, the image quality usually results to an adequate level. Viewing ListAll the images you want to look at can be added to your viewing list which you can view in order. You can save your viewing list for future use as well. Easy clipboard handlingCopy and paste images from one application to another. You can easily copy your favorite image to the clipboard and paste it in your Word documents. TWAIN supportYou can easily scan images from your scanner. Built-in help fileIf there is anything you don't fully understand, hit F1. A complete help system is available to you.

Image Browser Arctic is a multi-functional ...

  • Uticasoft Image Browser Arctic
  • 5.0 build 10
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