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A PhotoShop plugin, developed using FilterMeister, that reduces purple fringing on the Sony DSC-F828 and probably other digicams as well. This is a work in progress, but already works extremely well on many landscape images, so Im sharing it now. See also the companion plugin CAfree for reducing CA-like blue fringes in the corners of wide & tele images. Drop the filter (download below), which is an .8bf file, into your PhotoShop filters directory, usually something like c:program filesAdobePhotoshopPlugInsFilters. Then launch PhotoShop. Ive tested this with Photoshop 5.0LE and CS, and PS Elements 2.0. Its not demanding and should work with other versions as well. If youre using other software that accepts PhotoShop compatible plugins installation should be similar, but I dont have any examples to try. PFree might also run standalone with PluginCommander but I havent tried that either. Preview Zoom Controls the zoom level in the preview window, as above Show Fringe/Highlight Lets you see whats happening internally - set to 1 to see the estimated fringe to be removed (before intensity scaling) and 2 to see the highlights. See example below. Range - R/G/B Determines how fast the fringe decays as you move away from an overexposed source. The defaults work well for most 8mpix images from the 828, but can be changed if the image is downsampled etc. For example, for a 5mpix image, youd set them to about 80% of the defaults. I doubt the difference would be noticeable. Generally the G value should be left alone. Intensity - R/G/B Determines how strongly the estimated fringe values are corrected. If you see a lot of purple remaining with the defaults, try increasing the value. You can also vary the color balance of fringes by adjusting the R and B values. The G value is currently not used. Highlight Threshold

A PhotoShop plugin, developed using ...

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