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If you own a digital camera you will soon have thousands of images in your archive. Finding that one image you are looking for could then become a time consuming operation. Wether you have 1,000 or 500,000 images in your archive, IDimager is there to help by offering cataloguing features that are integrated in a single application.High speed processing features allows you to download images, assign catalog labels, rate, color tag, organize, maintain version sets, and distribute your images. With IDimager's open architecture it's easy to integrate our application in your existing image workflow while you will be reassured that your data is safe now and the future.IDimager makes digital image management a pleasure. All the tools you need are at your fingertips in a single intuitive environment. The program handles all the complex, technical aspects of your workflow. Instead of wasting countless hours on using different tools and getting them to work together, you can focus all your energy on actually managing your images so that all your working time is productive time.IDimager is complementary to your digital imaging equipment. Its many features will make it easier to maintain the large number of image files that you produce. The program is designed to enable you to manage many thousands of images without a very noticable performance decrease. With version 4 this is even more true. This version introduces many new areas that are unique in the world of digital asset management (DAM): Revolutionary search systemWith the new revolutionary search system you can build search queries over your database just by clicking a few boxes. You can combine many different search items to build powerful queries like "all nature images, taken in 2007, rated 3 or 4 stars, showing birds and trees, taken with ISO 400". Such a query is built just by selecting these items in the Catalog Explorer and then clicking the run button. How simple can it be? Fast image collectingNo matter where in the program you are, you can always collect images you need in either Virtual Collections, Fast Collections, or the Image Basket. This way it is easy to select images for further handling in IDimager... or in third party applications. Versioning and StackingOnce you start making different copies of the same image you will have no trouble keeping them together with either the versioning or the stacking features in IDimager.IDimager was the first DAM to implement versions, and with V4 this feature is further enhanced. Now you will be able to define as many place holders as you like, and access to versioned images is provided throughout the application. The Catalog Explorer integrates Version Placeholders, which makes it easy to browse through your different sets of versions or to use the placeholders as conditions for search operations. Area taggingNot only will you be able to tag your images, but also areas of your images. It is the ideal way to define parts of the image that relates to your tags, or just to describe a part of the image that needs additional information. Relational labelsIn V4 is a unique new dimension called relational labels. With relational labels you can define how your catalog labels relate to each other. For instance; if John is married to Jane, then you can define a relationship between these two labels and describe their inter-relational role; e.g. John relates to Jane as Husband to Wife. Easy metadata managementManage your metadata in a transparent manner.When describing your images in IDimager you will write your metadata as XMP, IPTC, and Exif. All without hassles. IDimager is completely XMP driven and when writing metadata, IDimager will map your XMP data to IPTC. ArchivingOnce you are ready to archive your images, IDimager is there to help. In IDimager V4 you will be able to select images and then archive these to a different location such as an external hard drive, a CD, a DVD, a memory card, etc. When images are archived, IDimager will update all database references to the new location. Open architectureFrom the base up, IDimager is designed with an open cataloging architecture in mind. This means that you will be able to extract your information at any time, even without IDimager. Cataloging many images is a time consuming job, and you have to make sure you won't have to repeat that work when you decide to switch applications. Important catalog information can be stored inside your images as either XMP and/or IPTC. IDimager also uses industry standard databases to store your data. You will always be able to access your database outside of IDimager with all benefits that this will bring. UnicodeO supportIDimager fully supports international characters, like Chinese, Russian, Japanese, etc. This can appear in file names, label names, and in other metadata description fields. This makes IDimager easier to use for international users. IDimager Personal Edition is designed for people seeking a powerful set of image management, editing, cataloging and archiving features, yet with great ease of use.

If you own a digital camera you will soon have ...

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