GISEYE Value Converter v.1.2


GISEYE Value Converter application dialog window contains a set of tabs, each responsible for conversion of a specific value into another presentation format or measurement unit. Each tab has data-entry fields for specific values and the switch that changes a value presentation format. Software GUI description Control element, responsible for value conversion Each tab of GISEYE Value Converter dialog does the conversion of a specific value into another presentation or measurement unit. The selected value can be specified manually or copied from the clipboard by pressing the right mouse button on the data-entry field and selecting the required command from the appearing context menu.The application has the following tabs: z Time tab is used to convert date/time format oyear-month-day hours:minutes:secondso into oyear-day in a year hours:minutes:secondso and vice versa z Distance tab is used to specify the distance to be recalculated into the user-defined measurement unit with the help of the switch button opening the drop-down list of measurement units available for conversion. z Angle tab is used for converting angular values into radians, degrees or degrees-minutes-seconds. z Lat/Long tab converts geographic coordinates (latitude/longitude) from degrees format into degrees-minutes-seconds format and vice versa.z Color tab can be used to open Color palette via button (when selected button color changes), select required color in the appeared dialog and confirm by pressing OK. After that Color tab will show RGB and HLS component values for the selected color. Reverse operation is also possible. Setting values of color components in a representation can be achieved manually or using spin button. Visualization of selected color is implemented on the pallet button.z Sun tab calculates sun azimuth and angle for a set geographical point at certain time. To calculate that, enter initial Date/Time (GTM), longitude and Latitude data in user preferred format and press Compute.z Projection tab and Map Projection control are used to set geographical projection. This control contains a list of parameters, describing the properties of the current map projection and their values. Double click with the left mouse button on list fields to enable the selection of parameters from context menu. Depending on the type of the map projection, selected by the user, the number of displayed parameters can be changed in the same way as the number of parameters, accessible to the user for editingThe title, describing the current presentation of geo-projection, is located in the upper part of map projection parameters control element. By clicking left mouse button on the title the user can change the projection parameter presentation mode. The user can preview the map projection parameters in three modes: as a list of parameters (described above), as WKT line (Well Known Text) and as +PROJ line. Editing of map projection parameters is accessible to the user only in the list mode.The user can save geo-projections in this or that presentation format using the context menu, appearing after pressing right mouse button.

GISEYE Value Converter application dialog ...

  • GISEYE Value Converter
  • 1.2
  • GISEYE Shareware
  • Win XP, 2003, 2000, Vista
  • Shareware
  • 5 Mb
  • 126
  • $9.00

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