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Add a little more to your paintings with brush transparency. Simply select a transparency level from the menu and get painting. Transparency allows you to layer colours, adding depth, clarity and beauty to your creations. Easel works using Alpha transparency, so you can choose from 255 (none), all the way down to 1 (all).Textures in Easel are amazing. Select from one of our two textured tools, and begin painting. Textured tools allow you to add an image to the brush, rather than a solid colour. This is amazing from drawing people in real-life, and can add a unique touch to your drawing.As always, Easel has a huge selection of tools for you to choose from. And, in Easel 2, there are even some new ones. Textured tools allow you to add an image instead of a colour, and the vector shape tools allow you to create simple drawings on-the-fly.Before, all Easel was able to do was solid white backgrounds, but now, Easel can do a whole lot more. Choose any colour in the world, and make it your background colour, plus, Easel will save that colour in the end product, so everyone else will see your image as it was meant to be.Easel now has dotted lines. Instead of just a plain solid line, you can now draw in a dotted line. This means you can add more effects to an object or person whom you may be drawing. And, it goes further than that - dotted lines are affected by the brush thickness, so you can have small dots, or big ones.Easel is now even more suitable for children. Coloring Book, is a new feature that allows you to select a 2D black and white outline drawing, and colour it in, using any of the tools available in Easel. Choose from 3T¦ images to colour in, including a cat and lighthouse. Then, save or print your images.Easel now has more supported file formats, meaning it is even better for opening and editing image files. Easel now has support for TIFF, Transparent PNG images, as well as JPEG 2000, a compressed variant of the popular JPEG format. Whether you want to save images as these formats, or open them, Easel can handle it.Before, Easel was only able to save images, but in Easel 2, all has changed. Easel now lets you open images of all sizes and sorts. You can then edit them, print them, save them and more.Brush sizes have always been a part of Easel, but in Easel 2, we're making it even easier to control the size of your brush. Easel 2 allows you to choose a brush size from a numerical value, from 1 to over 1000. This lets you have fine grain control over the size of your brush, allowing you to create even more precise lines and drawings.pRender is a new technology developed by Penguin George, that allows images and digital ink drawings to be rendered in a higher quality, with less breaks in the line, and a significantly more smooth finish to curves. pRender renders your drawings using bi-cubic methods, and bi-linear for resizing, and zooming. This provides you with the highest quality images possible.Easel now lets you preview and print your images. Printing is now a key feature of Easel, as it lets you quickly export your images as a hard copy, and distribute it to people. Plus, you can preview your image before printing, as well as configure page settings and, of course, orientation.Shapes have always been in Easel, but now, we' including some more. Textured circles let you produce a hollow donut shape circle, which is filled with an image defined by you. This is great for drawing abstract arts, and adding a quirky unique slant on drawing.

Add a little more to your paintings with brush ...

control, allowing, transparency

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