Diamant DustBuster v.2.0.1


Diamant DustBuster 2.0.1 is a software used as a player for DPX, CINEON, or QuickTime. Working as sequence viewer for uncompressed playback with video output, it is unbeaten for visualization in that category. Manual retouching of long image sequences with thousands of images can be a time consuming and tedious task. It includes an AutoFix mode where the operator just needs to draw a region around the artefact and the fix will be instantly applied to that area. The tool works very fast and it does not need any pre-processing of the sequence before. A metadata mode allows reapplying the fixes any time in case the input should have changed for example by color correction. It is even possible to do the dust busting on a proxy and applying it on the original content later on. The retouch mode applies existing information to fix moving images by cloning content from other regions and images. The built-in retouch monocle is a useful tool to support cloning by showing target and source in zoom. Adjustable softness and elliptic brushes of any size and shape are allowing a smooth fit into the target. The auto alignment feature automatically matches the target with the source region and hence saves a lot of operator time. In order to play 2K and even higher resolutions in real-time DustBuster uses micro-loop along with smart caching. The software has been developed to work in a professional environment and does support a large amount of image file formats like DPX, CIN, TIFF, TGA, JPG and many more. The software is available on Windows and Mac and runs on almost any modern standard PC hardware. M.I.R. HS-ART offers an efficient and easy to learn solution for manual retouching of any kind of single image defects. For example dust spots, bad splices, tears, and the like can be fixed with a few clicks.DustBuster can also be used for real-time player of long image sequences. In order to play 2K and even higher resolutions in real-time DustBuster uses micro-loops together with smart caching. With version 2.0, interactive restoration has become even more efficient with the interactive dust, interpolation and inpaint tools. Temporal and spatial interpolation with built in regaining allows almost any single frame defect repair instantly. Major Features:Image retouchingDust busting and image retouching can be a tedious long lasting work if you do not have the proper tool. This is especially true when working with moving images and film, where are thousands of imagesDustBuster provides an efficient solution for this problem by considering the specific characteristics of film and offering a powerfull environment for application in post-houses and film production environment for restoration, wire-removal or any other retouching issue.Mission statementDustbuster uses only existing information to repair moving images. All repair and retouch operations are done with existing content form other location (either in time or space). Thus the Retoucher-tool of DustBuster is optimally suited to make the retouch result perfectly fit into the film source.Dustbuster is dedicated to productivity. The interface is geared simple, easy to use and optimized for high throughput operations. Long lasting training is history, just start it and go! DustBuster is based on state-of-the-art methods in GUI design (context aware systems) and specialised on the display of very high resolution (up to 8k) film sequences.Dustbuster is integrated into the DIAMANT world. Dustbuster fits very well into our DIAMANT product for semi-automatic digital film restoration. Even more, if you get the latest DIAMANT V2, you will see DustBuster as a central part inside DIAMANT. DustBuster is the entry in the highly specialised film restoration segment.DustBuster can be integrated into AssimilateA?s Scratch. The integration of DustBuster straight into the operator environment of SCRATCH, provides an easy and comfortable solution for the operator. Quick-fixes can be applied immediately, without complicated import/export and file access.DustBuster can be integrated into DVS CLIPSTER® and Pronto Family. The integration of DustBuster in CLIPSTER® as privileged external application allows a smooth cooperation of both applications. The perfect interplaying of the DVS system and the DustBuster tool allows post houses to process retouching instantly. DustBuster can be directly started from the CLIPSTER® timeline which allows immediate retouching of the frames. The markers from the CLIPSTER® timeline are shown in DustBuster and it is easy to navigate between those markers.Enhancements: Version 2.0.1 adds automatic tools for dust removal, interpolation and inpainting.

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