CombineZM v.1.0


CombineZM - present your pictures in various different formats CombineZM is more than just an image stacking software that allows you to present your pictures in various different formats including still, 3d, movie and as a slide show. You can make measurements, resize, reduce noise, remove dust spots, alter contrast and brightness, overlay text etc. and many more. The source images can come directly from some types of digital camera or scanner, and most webcams, or from files on disk. You can control stepper motors, shutter release mechanisms and lights etc. The program should be useful to microscope users, macro photographers, and general photographers. The various functions can be made user friendly by having custom macros to do complex tasks, these are started with a single mouse click. For the more advanced user most functions are available as menu commands, If you use a function a lot many have short cut keys to speed up access. This macro system makes the program very flexible, once the route to the solution of a problem has been worked out it can be coded as a macro. Less experienced users can still use advanced features by using prewritten Macro Sets, I hope to produce some in the near future, suggestions for subjects are welcome. Anyone who has used CombineZ5 should be at home with this new version, little has changed, just some new parts added. These include the addition of Named Parameters to macros, External Commands which call external programs to do things like control motors, Image Aquisition which means you can take pictures directly from attached cameras, and Movies. System requirements: - This version requires Windows Media Player 9 or later to process movies - More than 512 MB of RAM memory is recommended

CombineZM - present your pictures in various ...

  • CombineZM
  • 1.0
  • Alan Hadley
  • Windows ME, XP, Vista
  • Freeware
  • 3.5 Mb
  • 229
  • Free

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