Collage Capture v.2.0


With Collage Image Manager you can view, print, edit, and convert your images in the Windows environment. It is especially well suited to the needs of authors, publishers, teachers, documentation specialists, and software manufacturers. Collage Image Manager has the following features: -Supports all common image types including Black & White, 16 Level True Gray (4 bit), 256 Level True Gray (8 bit), 16 Color (4 bit), 256 Color (8 bit), 65K Color (16 bit), 16.7M Color (24 bit), and 4 Billion Color (32 bit). -Supports most common image formats including TIFF, PCX, GIF, Targa, BMP, EPS, PNG, PICT, WPG, Windows Metafile, JPEG, and Windows clipboard. -Provides an easy means to capture all or a portion of a web page for viewing, saving and/or printing. Unlike with many current browsers, you get to decide the width of the saved image, avoiding the annoyance of over-running lines and missed information. It has print and save capability that you always wished was part of your browser. -Supports image transformations and adjustments including flipping, rotating, color inverting, and brightness, contrast, hue, gamma and sharpness adjustments plus a host of special effects. Image rotation is in 1 degree increments. -Image transformations, adjustments and effects are viewable real-time and may be set interactively while keeping an eye on the effect of each change. The "transforms" view shows the image in a "before" and "after" manner, that may be scrolled, panned, and zoomed as desired. -You may preview the printout and adjust sizing/positioning with full color or grayscale on-screen rendering. -Supports Drag and Drop technology. -Supports long filenames. -Supports multiple image windows with easy to use magnification controls. -Allows you to acquire images from any Twain-compliant scanner or image source. -Lets you crop, annotate, size, and put a border around an image. -Helps you create new composite images.

With Collage Image Manager you can view, ...

  • Collage Capture
  • 2.0
  • Inner Media, Inc.
  • Windows 2003, XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
  • Shareware
  • 3.81 Mb
  • 111
  • $149.00

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