Adobe FrameMaker Templates: Books and Manuals Pack v.1


Adobe FrameMaker Templates: Books and Manuals Pack 1 is a powerful tool that contains nine basic templates for creating long FrameMaker documents such as books, manuals, training guides, and other multichapter publications. The templates contain template directories that combine several templates together in a book file consisting of a table of contents, chapters, an appendix, and an index. It comes with powerful paragraph, character, table, and cross-reference formats, color definitions, special sidebars, HTML mappings, and background graphics and text.Major Features:This pack includes nine templates: BkStyle1: This template family is designed to keep page count down.BkStyle2: This family features prominent headings and generous amounts of white space without increasing page count.BkStyle3: This template family creates a book with its chapters, appendices, illustrations, etc., numbered independently. This feature makes it easy for material to be inserted later without disrupting the numbering scheme throughout the entire book.BkStyle4: This complex template family is ideal for laser-printed software manuals, training guides, tutorials, and in-house instructional material. It features a wealth of formats, accent graphics, and more that help the student progress quickly and stay focused on the material.BkStyle5: This family is the same as BkStyle2, but this version shows how to create running thumb tabs on recto pages. You can easily copy the technique to other templates after you see how it's done here.BkStyle6: This template is intended for the small heavily illustrated manuals that accompany TVs, VCRs, and similar consumer hardware. The template exports well to HTML because of the way text and graphics are enclosed. It's a great way to transfer printed, graphical step-by-step guides to the Web.BkStyle7: Did you like the pre-5.5 FrameMaker documentation? This template family brings that look back to life in a special, easier-to-use version.BkStyle8: This template family served as the basis for the Adobe FrameMaker Template Series documentation.BkIntl: This simple template is meant for instruction sheets or step-by-step guides where the contents must be in three languages.Requirements:Adobe FrameMaker 5.5 or later for WindowsAdobe FrameMaker+SGML 5.5 or later for WindowsWareSeeker Editor

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  • Adobe FrameMaker Templates: Books and Manuals Pack
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