FilterSIM v.1.0


Pretty simple actually. Just select a glass filter and the image will be shown with the filter on! In real life during the exposition your digital/film camera will auto compensate the lower light. This also simulate an Auto white Balance on digital cameras and color balance correction on film cameras during developing. For light balancing filters this option (default) will give you more natural looking and pleasant result. Filter for Example 18A is a transparent UV filter. It is included, but in fact the result cant be properly simulated for obvious reasons - the filter is just blocking invisible UV radiation... From the other hand filters such 87C are Infra Red filters - they are transparent only for IR light. Normal film wouldnt be able to take any pictures (you need IR film) but digital cameras are sensitive to IR light. (Point any remote control toward your digital camera and press few buttons - the display should see a light). Anyway this effect cant be simulated neither - on normal digital image you dont have the IR information distinguished.

Pretty simple actually. Just select a glass ...

  • FilterSIM
  • 1.0
  • MediaChance
  • Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
  • Freeware
  • 524 Kb
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  • Free

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