RealCADD v.4.01


Vector based Computer Assisted Drawing program.RealCADD works in the same way on Windows and PowerMacintosh.The menus, the windows, the tools are the same ones.Although distributed in shareware, RealCADD has functions identical to certain sold much expensive commercial programs.For example, automatic attractions, quotations, a module of reading and writing DXF, the hatching and even the hatching combined several objects, dotted lines that RealCADD manages uninterrupted on the length developed of the rectangles and polygons and not only from node to node, multiple duplication, the cut and/or prolongation of lines.

Vector based Computer Assisted Drawing ...

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  • RealCADD
  • 4.01
  • adX
  • Windows XP
  • Commercial
  • 4.6 Mb
  • 421
  • $95.00

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