PediTree v.1.0


PediTree is a new software package to recursively analyse plant pedigree data which is arranged in a simple-single table database structure.Peditree will lookup the parents of a variety/cultivar, then the parents of the parents (grandparents)and so on. The result is displayed in a explorer style, collapsible tree or a pedigree drawing (see images below; click to enlarge).Images can be saved, and the pedigree can also be saved as a regular tab delimited text file that could be imported again (for instance into Excel).Analyses included in PediTree are: * decomposition of complex parental entries e.g. X = (A x B) x (C x D) * inbreeding coefficient estimate * comparing pedigrees and determining coefficients of co-ancestry * reverse pedigree lookup ("which genotypes descended in some form from genotype Y") * batch pedigree lookup and determining of database statistics * linking of trait data and highlighting of members of the pedigree that meet set criteria

PediTree is a new software package to ...

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