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The LG Volume Visualization application was developed for raw, DICOM/MRI, and VTK image files using ray-casting, splatting, and surface renders. A simply program written against the Visualization Toolkit in Microsoft C#. .Users may customize the visualization as follows:Ray CastChoose between Compressed and Uncompressed DataChoose Linear or Nearest Neighbor InterpolationSpecify the Ray Casting Method (MIP, Composite, Surface)Chose between 2D and 3D hardware texture mappingSpecify the color and opacity of up to 10 points (via color transfer functions)Automatically distribute points and opacity based on file dimensionsAutomatically generate greyscale and colorSplatSpecify splat radiusspecify sample rateGenerate points by scalarChoose between compressed and uncompressed dataGenerate a generic splat (basic setup)Iso-surfaceCreate 2 simple iso-surfaces (generated via a triangle stripper)Generate contour from a range of pointsSpecify color, location, and opacity of two iso-surfacesHere are some key features of "LG Volume Visualization":Volume visualization of several 3D data set types (Raw images, .VTK, and DICOM/MRI files) using:dlTE Ray-CastdlTE SlattingdlTE Iso-SurfacesdlTE Save files as JPEG or PNGdlTE Visualizes 3 images at one time for comparison

The LG Volume Visualization application was ... Volume visualization of several 3D data set types ...

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  • LG Volume Visualization
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